Outdoors is the journey of life, but also the classroom of life

Outdoors, for many people, is a journey, a departure, a new life experience.

In fact, outdoor is not only a trip, but also an experience, another class of life, another kind of growth.

From an outdoor white to an old donkey, what you gain is not only outdoor experience and strength, but also life experience and growth.

Every step you take in the outdoors adds to the height of your life. If you've been outdoors for years, you've learned a lot.


Learn new skills

As the saying goes, "skill is not pressure, art is bold." This is especially true outdoors.

Some people say that the longer you walk in the open air, the longer you walk, the more you realize your own smallness and lack of knowledge. From hiking camping to wilderness survival, the outdoors is both an internal growth process and a skill learning process along the way.

Many people have a common perception that the more time they spend outdoors, the more curious they become.

It is often said that outdoor life is like life, people live a lifetime, as much as possible to learn new skills, to let oneself have the core competitiveness, master the initiative in life.

Studies have found that 90% of the knowledge in a person's life is completed by self-study. So don't panic and be afraid to learn new skills from scratch. When you start learning, you've already unlocked the most difficult part.

In life, it's never too late to start. Don't put limits on your life, don't let your time waste, and one day you will be able to grow and transcend yourself.

Outdoors is like this, so is life.


Work hard and there will be surprises

When facing the confusion of life, many people will complain about the helplessness of life, the misfortune of life, and rarely analyze the root of the problem. It is said that those who run hard are always luckier than those who complain.

After all, the wind comes when you run. Sit and wait, always passive waiting.

People who play outdoors know that only through a long journey, will usher in the scenery belonging to the minority; Only over the mountains, to see another scenery.

Your every step forward, every drop of sweat, is the future to unfold in front of your scenery. Life is the same, work hard, there will be a different life.

Hard work, although very tired, but never in vain.


Walking is another reading of life

Some people ask: Why do people travel?

Someone answered: travel is a light in life. It may not illuminate a lifetime, but it can brighten a period of time.

Some people say: travel is an escape, is also an opening; To escape from the current situation of life and start a new life, even if only for a few days, is a kind of happiness.

And my favorite answer is this: travel is a kind of self-remodeling, mind reading, soul precipitation. Take every step of the road, see every scenery, are the upward step of life, are the cornerstone of self achievement.

In this noisy and impetuous world, might as well calm down, walk slowly, seriously feeling, you may be able to harvest unexpected scenery.

Travel, is a book without words, will give you spiritual refuge, will let you experience, let you become a better version of yourself.


Keep exercising

Some people say that after playing outdoors, other changes are hard to say, but the body is better.

Exercise is a daily routine for many outdoor people. After work, in addition to the outdoors, they are keen on all kinds of sports, because they know that sports is the best health care products.

A study in the Lancet medical journal found that chronic inactivity can lead to a 30 per cent decline in organisational skills and a range of diseases.

In recent years, personal health has become the focus of national concern. Red dates with goji berries, hand thermos. Everyone is trying to maintain their health as much as possible, but they forget that the best way to maintain your body is to exercise.

Go outside, walk, you will find that exercise is really a very cool thing.

Exercise may not produce immediate results, but over the long term, you will see changes. Fight inertia and exercise regularly. Every drop of sweat you shed will make your life better.

Outdoors is the journey of life, but also the classroom of life


Record the goodness of life

In the outdoors, many friends like to take photos, want to keep the beauty of the outdoors forever.

In fact, whether outdoors or in life, we never lack beauty, but lack of eyes to find beauty.

On the road of life, of course, there are many gaps, but there is no lack of flowers like brocade. Willow branches by the river, stones at the foot, sunset on the horizon, smiling faces of children...

Writer Bi Shumin once said: you do not always hope for a grand and victorious happiness, it is mostly just quietly coming.

Beautiful, in fact, everywhere. When something makes you smile, it must be a happy moment.

Meet these casual good, might as well take out a mobile phone, take a picture of these plain time in the amazing fragments. While recording beautiful moments, it also adds color to life.


Enjoy the ease of being alone

Some people are afraid of being alone, while others enjoy being alone. Some people never walk alone, while others love to travel alone.

The philosopher Schopenhauer said: We suffer all our misfortunes because we cannot be alone.

Many outdoor people like the time to walk alone, a heart without distractions, put all the worry a little bit on the road, clear the mind, let the heart relaxed and bright.

Some people say that when a person walks, it is easier to precipitate the heart, not affected by the outside world, serious thinking, it is easier to make yourself rational and sober.

People who do not know how to be alone, or at a loss, or lonely, or bored. People who know how to be alone, on the other hand, shut out the revelry and make the most of their rare solitude. Or book in hand, filling the heart; Or walk in the mountains to nourish your soul.

High quality solitude, is a kind of ability, is a kind of cultivation, but also a kind of realm. When one learns to be alone, one can hear the inner voice flowing.


Find a hobby you can stick with

Zhang Chao of the Qing Dynasty said:

Flowers can not be without butterflies, mountains can not be without springs, stone can not be without moss, water can not be without algae, people can not be without habits.

Flowers with butterflies are more delicate and charming, castle peak has qingquan is more deep, stone moss dependent on more beautiful, water has floating algae phase is more flexible.

Develop at least one hobby that you can last a lifetime.

Some people say that it is difficult to hold on, but it is beautiful to hold on.

Indeed, no matter what things, as long as we can stick to it, will harvest unexpected beauty.

They say the outdoors is a lifelong hobby. Because in the outdoors not only exercise the body, but also nourish the mind.

Walking outdoors, keen on mountains and fields, has nothing to do with money and fame, just for inner joy. When you're immersed in it and enjoying yourself, life is fun and exciting.


Change yourself, self-discipline life

Some people say that the biggest change after playing outdoors is that they do not delay, and they will plan and prepare in advance for everything.

In psychology, there's a famous "two-minute rule" that says if you want to do something, do it in two minutes. Otherwise, you may put it off for a long time or never do it.

Procrastination is always the biggest stumbling block on the road to success. Only by overcoming your inertia can you make yourself go further.

Some people feel that after playing outdoors, the circle becomes smaller, the life is simpler, and the happiness value is higher.

The best way to live a simple and happy life is to say goodbye to meaningless social interactions and spend your time and energy on yourself, the people and things you like. Learn to do subtraction to the circle, in order to add life.

Health, is a person's greatest confidence in life, is the most adult self-discipline. Because most of the time, we don't know which comes first, tomorrow or the accident.

Love life, love sports, have health, is the real winner in life.

Outdoors, for many people, is not just travel, it is another possibility of life, it is another growth of life.

Hone in the mountains, lakes and seas, grow up, meet a new self.

Let's go out and make ourselves better!