1 thought on “How much is a gram of full gold 999?”

  1. By July 2021, the price was around 360-420 yuan per gram.
    In gold, the foot gold 999 is also considered a thousand foot gold, but in fact there are still some differences between the two. The real golden gold actually refers to gold without a little impurities, and the gold content of the foot gold 999 is usually about 0.1%less.
    Generally speaking, the purity of thousands of gold will be higher than that of the foot gold 999, so the purification process fee of thousands of gold will be higher. When buying the same models of the same models and gold 999, if the price of the two is the same, the actual value of the thousands of gold or foot gold 999 jewelry must be different, and you need to be careful when buying.
    Golden jewelry maintenance precautions
    This littering of the gold surface of the gold surface in many cosmetics or material protection in cosmetics or cleaning agents will greatly reduce the glimmer of gold for a long time. When laundering or bathing, you should take off the thousand -foot gold jewelry, so as to keep the brightness longer.
    . Although the thousands of gold jewelry can keep it shining for a long time, the texture is relatively soft. If you do not care about it, you may make the surface scratches. Therefore, when you perform outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and play, you need to take off the jewelry to keep it properly.
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