1 thought on “How to do a market survey to join the jewelry store”

  1. The vigorous jewelry joined, once a wave of waves, but now it is slowly coming down. Some joining headquarters leave with regret, and some joining headquarters are still dreaming.nAll this is determined by the attributes of the jewelry itself. A jewelry shop, thousands of products, cannot come from the same manufacturer. For more than ten years, the decoration manufacturers have been going to retail stores through wholesale. The joining headquarters is actually a wholesaler This is the fact that cannot be changed.nTherefore, after many people join, they will slowly purchase the nearby jewelry wholesale market to meet their supply needs; some large wholesalers slowly replaced these joining headquarters, that is, these joining headquarters are actually a leading entrance door to the door. effect.n1. Risk of location errors 2. The first batch of risks of delivery 3. Risk of store image 4. Risk of location error. The following introduces one by one:nFor jewelry stores, location selection is the largest risk. Many entrepreneurs have not done the store business, and the basic site selection will not. It is inevitable that major errors are inevitable. 1. The first batch of risks of delivery: In the first period of the first period of the jewelry store, the first issue of the delivery should reach about 40,000 to 50,000, and the area is more than 70,000 to 80,000. There are thousands of species. How to choose a reasonable variety, how can you choose your choice of products to make consumers recognize? What should I do if I ca n’t sell myself? It is risks to be unable to sell. Half of them cannot be sold, which is tens of thousands of yuan! Intersection Since I have not been engaged in jewelry business before, I just have a hobby of the jewelry. The selection of goods is completely based on my own feelings. There may be more than half of the first batch of goods. The image is also one of the opening risks of jewelry entrepreneurs. The function of the store's image is how to make customers enter the door. Because there is no professional store image, the store image is diverse, and consumers have not yet formed brand awareness. System, many stores are a bitter gourd face, how do you welcome guests? How to sell? In addition: A jewelry shop is open, in addition to the delivery, there are many trivial things. For example, what is the name of the store? A nice name is very important; how to decorate? What main color is used? How to arrange in the store? How to deal with light? Where can I buy some small props displayed? Where is the packaging bag card? Do you want to buy a bag, other stores, do you want to print? Do you want to use a VIP card? How to repair the product? Where can I find maintenance tools and materials? ... How can someone help guide? The new jewelry industry has launched a store opening assistant service. Suppliers are a large -scale jewelry wholesaler with a history of more than ten years. They have more than 400 square meters of business and have more than 50,000 products. They are derived from hundreds of jewelry manufacturers. Rich. Almost all the accessories shops applying for the assistant service of the store can be purchased at one time to buy full -scale stores and materials to facilitate trouble. More importantly, you can also enjoy the first batch of delivery of replacements within one month, which greatly reduces the opening of the opening. Risk; In addition, the opening assistant also provides the following services:n1. Store written evaluationn2. If the store is mainly requested, conduct a real assessment of the storen3. Store image design, product portfolio design, store flat layoutn4. If the store is mainly requested, you can go to the store to guide