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  1. 1. Increase the definition of holdings: Increasing holdings: In the securities industry, as the name suggests, it is to increase holding, or it can be called additional positions. Whether it is stocks, futures, funds, other securities, products, and goods that can be traded on the original basis, buying it can be added to the original basis. In other words, you have a certain position, and then adding buying is to increase the holdings -add positions.

    2, the impact of increasing holdings:
    (1) Shareholders 'holdings: The increase in shareholders' holdings is substantial for the company's stock, and generally drive the stock price to rise. The reason is: First, the company's most familiar with the company's major shareholders, and shareholders' increase in the company's stock, indicating that the company's future development is optimistic. Once the company has development prospects, it will ensure the company's stock price rising from the fundamental aspect. 2. From the perspective of market supply and demand, the increase in shareholders' holdings of the company's shares expand the demand for the stock. The demand is greater than the supply, and the stock price will rise at the market level.

    (2) Institutional increase: The institution continues to increase its shareholding through the secondary market, which shows that they are optimistic about the listed company behind the stock. This is a good thing. Under the new normal of China's economy, increased holdings of institutions are considered an important driving force for the bull market.

  2. Increasing holdings can also be called additional positions, all of which are the saying of stock purchase increment! It's good!

    Is satisfied, I wish you good luck! ^_^

  3. Is it good or empty?

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