What are the advantages of sunscreen spray? What should I pay attention to when applying sunscreen?

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  1. What are the advantages of sunscreen spray? Sun protection spray has the advantages of good use, strong sunscreen, easy to carry, easy use, and easy to replenish sunscreen after makeup. Sun protection spray not only has a moisturizing and refreshing sense of use, but also has both the high sunscreen index. It is also very convenient to use. It only needs to spray it lightly. The sunscreen spray can be sprayed evenly. It is especially suitable for the sunscreen after makeup. Sunscreen spray is an emerging simple sunscreen product. Compared with traditional sunscreen products, it looks very convenient, not only easy to carry, but also easy to use.
    What should I pay attention to when applying sunscreen? 1: Don't blindly choose sunscreen products with high SPF value. The SPF value is the sunscreen coefficient of sunscreen products. Usually, there will be a number after it, such as SPF15, SPF30, and SPF50. The higher the coefficient, the better the sunscreen effect. There is a strong sense, and the pores can't get angry. In fact, only SPF15 and SPF30 are used indoors. Those who work in outdoor for a long time will choose SPF50 sunscreen products.
    2: Don't apply too much, just appropriate. Sunscreen needs to be applied to a certain amount to achieve the sun protection effect, but it does not mean that the more you apply, the better. Squeeze out the size of the size of a coin and apply the face evenly.
    3: Wait half an hour after applying sunscreen before going out. The sunscreen is slower than the sunscreen spray. The sunscreen that has just been applied has not completely adsorbed the skin. At this time, it is not possible to resist ultraviolet rays and sunscreen. It is best to go out for an hour.
    4: Make up sunscreen products every two hours. Just as makeup needs to make up makeup, sunscreen also needs to be replenished, so as to continue to sunscreen. Many people think that sunscreen products only use only one time, but the sweat will also weaken the sun protection effect. Formed, if you have made makeup, you can choose to use sunscreen spray if you don't want to destroy makeup.
    What are the disadvantages of sunscreen spray? 1. Too much money
    The advantages at the same time, there must be its disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage of sunscreen spray is that the amount is too expensive. Many people have an average of about a week, and the sunscreen spray is used up. Don't look at it seems to be about 60g, but compared to the same weight sunscreen, absolute sunscreen spray is more used to use it earlier than sunscreen.
    2, insufficient sunscreen
    The sunscreen spray also has a very fatal disadvantage, that is, compared to sunscreen, the sunscreen power of sunscreen spray is much weaker. It may be because the sunscreen spray has just risen, and the quality of technology is still slightly not hard enough. While considering the sense of use of sunscreen spray, the natural sun protection ability will be compromised. So this is why many people feel that the sunscreen ability is weak.
    Can sunscreen be applied to the eye? Sunscreen can be applied to the eye. The skin around the eye is one -half thinner than the skin in other parts of the face, so the delicate eyes are also the most afraid of aging and ultraviolet rays. When applying sunscreen daily, it must be applied around the eyes.

  2. The sunscreen spray is very delicate, and because it is fog -shaped, there will be no thickness of sunscreen. It is also more convenient to carry. It is better to apply sunscreen for half an hour. Don't forget to remove makeup at night.

  3. It can have a variety of uses, and then the sense of use is particularly good. It will not have a thick feeling, and it will not cause waste. When used, you must pay attention to moisturizing the skin. Push away.