What kind of toy is a teddy bear

​The Teddy bear, also known as stuffed bear, stuffed toy bear, is a kind of stuffed toy, extremely popular with children, usually used to ease children's unhappy mood, with a vivid and lovely shape, soft touch, convenient cleaning, decorative strength and numerous other characteristics. There is no direct evidence of the origin or date of the teddy bear's invention, but it is believed that there were some early versions of the teddy bear in the late 19th century, when Berlin, Moscow and other places had bear toys, and later evolved into today's stuffed bear. Let's find out how Teddy Bear Plush Toy came to be.

What kind of toy is a teddy bear?​

​Numerous children will have their own toys. Among the numerous types of toys, the toy bear is also a more popular toy, especially some little girls, usually have one or several toy bears at home, so what is the toy bear?

In fact, if subdivided, the toy bear should belong to the plush toy, which is made of plush fabric and pp cotton and other textile materials as the main fabric, and is made of internal stuffing, so it is also known as the plush bear, the plush toy bear, which has the characteristics of realistic and lovely shape, soft touch, not afraid of extrusion, convenient cleaning, strong decoration, high safety, and wide range of people.

Two, the origin of the teddy bear

Teddy bears, as the name suggests, are bear-shaped toys, a type of stuffed animal commonly used to comfort children when they are upset. There is no direct evidence for the origin or origin of the teddy bear's earliest invention, but it is believed to have appeared as early as the late 19th century.

In 1880, the most popular toy in Berlin was a wooden bear standing on four wheels. Meanwhile, in local bars in Moscow, there are also drinking bears made of automatic wind-up, which drink automatically.

In 1893, Steiff Company produced some upright non-muppet bear toys with a chain embedded in the nose. The vision was realistic, and the touch was heavy and rough. After a lengthy time of numerous materials, fillings and shape evolution, it developed into today's common plush bear with movable limbs.