Want to enter the pit of carpentry, want to ask to buy an electric circular saw or curve saw?

Let's talk a little bit about the saw industry electric circular saws and curved saws.

Curve saw is relatively safe, the work is reciprocating movement, that is, half of the stroke is invalid, noise, jitter is relatively large. If often do some small repair work, the workload is not large, bought are finished light or wood, simple use can also be used. But the use of curve saw too few occasions, limited to rough cutting or go rough curve, low efficiency saw road rough go not straight. Not really.

Want to enter the pit of carpentry, want to ask to buy an electric circular saw or curve saw?

Electric circular saw circular motion, 5000 RPM high speed, cutting efficiency is very high, saw blade stiffness is relatively high, cut out saw road is relatively smooth and clean, although sometimes there will be edge collapse, but through some skills can be solved. The most common use of electric circular saw is to cut standard sheet metal with a thickness of about 2cm and then match with inclined hole punches or log tenon three-in-one kit to make panel furniture. But if the hand push electric circular saw force is not uniform, not straight will clip saw, paste saw, and even more dangerous rebound (foreign called Kick Back).

For beginners, electric circular saws are not recommended from a safety standpoint.

Fortunately, there is a special electric circular saw - track saw, or ordinary electric circular saw plus Wu new track, because of the aluminum alloy track to provide a stable linear reference, cutting saw blade loose into the cover shell, much safer, saw out of the saw road straightness is very high, is absolutely novice Gospel.

The best track saws on the market are Maeda's (more than 2,000) and Fisto's (7,000).

A cheaper solution is to combine an ordinary circular saw with Wu xin's circular saw track, which costs several hundred yuan per set.