How to deal with the dirt of range hood?

There are available in the range hood oil box. Aluminum doors and windows are connected by iron hinges, which are often damaged when opening and closing. You can use a small wooden stick to spot waste engine oil on the hinge shaft, which not only increases the service life of the hinge, but also reduces noise.

The Spring Festival is coming to an end soon, and many families want to do a big cleaning for the home. When cleaning the range hood, most people like to disassemble and clean it, which is time-consuming and easy to damage the parts. Now explain a very convenient and quick cleaning method without disassembling the equipment.

  1. Take a plastic bottle (all kinds of mineral water bottles that can be squeezed by hand are fine), use a sewing needle to poke more than 10 small holes in the buckle, then fill it with a proper amount of detergent, fill it with oil and warm water Shake evenly.

range hood cleaning

  1. Run the range hood, and use a plastic bottle filled with detergent to spray the cleaning liquid towards the position to be washed. At this time, it can be seen that the oil stains and muddy water flow together into the oil storage tank, and pour it out as it is full.
  2. After the cleaning solution in the bottle is used up, reconfigure and clean it repeatedly. Wait until the outflow of turbid water turns blue. Depending on the degree of scaling, it can be washed away after 3 washes.
  3. If the fan blade is equipped with a dust cover, it is advisable to remove the dust cover first to enhance the cleaning effect.
  4. Use a brush to clean the surroundings of the breathing port, the surface of the housing, and the lamp cover.

Doesn’t the range hood get dirty very easily? Before using the range hood, attach the fresh-keeping film around the range hood to it. Since the fresh-keeping bag is very thin and has good adsorption, if we cover it on the surface of the range hood , generally stick to the top docilely. After the range hood has been used for a period of time, if the fresh-keeping bag is dirty, tear it off immediately and replace it with a new fresh-keeping bag. This eliminates the need to clean the range hood.

Also, in the middle of the small plastic box containing the oil dripping from the range hood, it is best to put a few rougher paper towels in the room, the paper towels are also more absorbent to oil stains, so that when you clean the range hood , Just use medical tweezers to drag out the oily paper towels, and then put the clean ones in the room.Read more:Best Range Hoods of 2022

Ways to Prevent Oil Stains in Fuel Pipelines in Restaurant Kitchens

House customers who use gas pipes will encounter this situation: the oil stains stuck in the fuel pipes are thick and difficult to remove. Now introduce a prevention and control method: first remove the oil stains drilled into the gas pipe once and for all, then use a small piece of paper (5cm) cut from a waste desk calendar to be tied up and down along the gas pipe, which is not only unique, but also small It is also very convenient to obtain the note if it is dirty.

How to remove oil from kitchen range hood

After the range hood is used, the oil basin should be cleaned first. You can put the packaging bag used to pack sweet oranges into the oil cup and stick it to the wall of the box. After the oil in the box is full, take out the packaging bag full of oil and replace it with a new bag. This can not only solve the problem of unclean oil companies, but also use waste packaging bags, saving time.

The waste engine oil in the range hood oil box can be used

Many restaurant kitchens now use range hoods, and the oil cups are almost full of waste engine oil within two days. It is the best "grease remover" for removing dirt from ancient windows, exhaust fans and range hoods in restaurants and kitchens. Specific method: Dip a rag or a towel in the residual oil to wipe the oil stain, then wipe off the oil stain with a cloth, and then wipe it bright with a clean cloth. Thick and oily items should be soaked in waste engine oil for a few seconds first, and then wipe off with a cloth after the oil stain becomes soft (especially if it is thick and thick, use a thin bamboo blade to scrape it off.)

There are tips for cleaning the oil collection cup of the range hood

After the oil collection cup of the range hood is full of oil, the oil stains adhering to the bottom and walls of the box are difficult to remove. If you clean it up every time, sprinkle a thin layer of soap powder on the bottom of the box and add a little cold water. Oil is lighter than water, and it will float on the sea when there is still oil in it. When you pour out the oil in the box during cleaning, there will be no oil stains on the bottom of the box. It is easy to clean and tidy with detergent.

Floor tile cleaning service method around the gas stove

The white tiles around the gas stove are easily polluted by oil splashes and smoke, and it is not easy to clean. According to a friend’s advice, you can use the colorful plastic film of the desk calendar that was idle last year to smear it with koi carp detergent and stick it on the tiles. In addition, you can save the time of scrubbing, and you can change it every few months according to your favorite pattern.

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