How long is the real life of ternary lithium battery?

The so-called lithium battery life means that after the battery has been used for a period of time, the capacity decays to 70% of the nominal capacity, which can be considered as the end of life. In the industry, the cycle life of a lithium battery is generally calculated by the number of cycles that the lithium battery is fully charged. If this is the case, how long is the real life of the ternary lithium battery?

Lithium-ion batteries are used in high-temperature environments, such as temperatures higher than 350 °C, and the battery storage capacity will continue to decrease, so the service life of lithium-ion batteries is not as long as that of working in normal temperature environments. Charging the battery in such a high temperature environment will cause great damage to the battery, thereby affecting the service life of the battery. Even charging in a hot environment will cause varying degrees of damage to the battery, so we should try our best to avoid charging the battery in a high temperature environment. If the battery is charged in a low temperature environment, such as an environment below 40°C, it will also cause damage to the battery.see more:lifepo4 400ah 12v

Ternary lithium battery

If the ternary lithium battery is not charged for a long time, its service life will be shortened. Ternary lithium-ion batteries need to keep electrons flowing for a long time to achieve their ideal service life. At present, the commercial production technology of ternary lithium-ion batteries in the market is not very mature, and the current market share is not high.

The theoretical life of a ternary lithium battery is about 800 cycles, which is moderate among commercial rechargeable lithium batteries. Lithium iron phosphate is about 2,000 cycles, while lithium titanate is said to have reached 10,000 cycles. The current mainstream ternary lithium battery manufacturers promise more than 500 cycles (charging and discharging under standard conditions) in the ternary battery specifications they produce. However, due to the consistency problem after the battery pack, the main reason is that the voltage and internal resistance cannot be exactly the same, and its cycle life is about 400 times.