A cloud tour of NRW, Germany has all the best summer

Nordrhein-westfalen, often referred to as NRW for short, is located in the western part of Germany, bordering Belgium and the Netherlands to the west. It is the most populous state in Germany and the most densely populated region in Europe. In NRW, you can see the medieval plain atmosphere precipitated by history, and you can also see the stage where innovation and fashion shine together. Whether you want to taste the original medieval atmosphere, seek out the wonders of modern industry, or feel the new look created today, NRW has more than enough for you

The summer in Germany is very wonderful, and the summer story in NRW is more colorful. The missed summer has become a memory. In the future, we will meet in NRW and meet in the next summer to continue the German summer story.

So how do you get to NRW in summer? What are the places not to be missed? Here are four ways to enjoy your summer.

# Lovestruck Cologne, a romantic summer getaway

Koln is a city that naturally contains the genes of enjoying life and celebrating festivals. Many people come to Koln because of the cathedral at first, but they are moved by the energy and romance of the city and fall in love with it. Many of you may not be able to put your finger on why, but yes, it's Cologne and you can enjoy it unconditionally, and it's even more fascinating in summer.

With the cool breeze from the Rhine River and the cathedral, the Hohenzollern Bridge is one of Cologne's most beautiful "city names" in the summer, not only because of the Rhine water flowing slowly below, but also because it is loaded with the love of couples. Whether it's Valentine's Day or not, lovers are keen to hang concentric locks on the bridge, which over time has become a heavy "lock wall" and a unique sight.

Walk across the Hohenzollern Bridge to the other side of the river and enjoy the view of the Rhine river against the wind. There are also beach parties organized by locals on the soft white sand beach along the riverfront. With the soft sand at your feet and the spectacular views of the Rhine River and the Cologne skyline in front of you, it is the most romantic scene in the summer with beer and food.

Speaking of beer, Kolsch is also a symbol of Cologne, and every glass of Kolsch is infused with Cologne's passion. In the evening, as the night draws to a close, Cologne's more than 3,300 gourmet restaurants invite you to start your evening with a refreshing Khurshi beer.

A cloud tour of NRW, Germany has all the best summer# LovedDusseldorf, summer fashion trip

Dusseldorf is the fashion capital of Germany, but fashion and shopping are not all in Dusseldorf. Here, Rhine style and international mood are integrated, and new things and historical precipitation meet in this era. Those who love beauty and characteristics will fall in love with the whole Dusseldorf. Dadu Village is charming all the year round, and if there's one season we love the most, it's undoubtedly summer.

Experience upscale shopping and the pleasures of being surrounded by fashion along the green streets of the Kingsroad. Go ahead, don't stop, and you will see Ko-Bogen, known as the "green carpet of the city". The building, designed by the New York architect Daniel Libeskind, is a commercial complex that not only has an attractive exterior, it's a good place to pose for photographs, but it's also a magnet for international brands. Here, everyone can become a "fashion influencer" in the travel circle.

The Media Port is a must-visit place to cool off in Dusseldorf during the summer. The once deserted pier has become a fashionable office district and a place for designers to play their imaginations. It is the vibrant and enthusiastic side of Dusseldorf. In addition to buildings with more than 1,000 different Windows, there are buildings covered with colorful rubber people, designer restaurants on the banks of the Rhine, toy shops selling strange mirrors, and there are always new and interesting discoveries to be made.

A summer experience not to be missed is the summit of the Rhine TV Tower, Dusseldorf's iconic landmark and the highest point in Dusseldorf. The "light table" on the tower is a special place, showing three segments of minutes, minutes and seconds. On a clear night, go to the Top of the TV tower and enjoy the restaurant Rheinturm Top 180 while enjoying the night view of the city. Isn't it beautiful?

Cruise the Ruhr, a summer journey of discovery

The Ruhr, once Germany's coal-mining region, has one of Europe's largest concentrations of five million people. The first thing many people think of is industry, but the Ruhr has made a spectacular turnaround from blast furnaces and steel to a mecca of innovation and art.

A great way to explore the Ruhr is on the circular Road of German Industrial Culture, which is guided by brown signposts from Essen to more than 20 landmarks of German industrial culture before returning to Essen. Along the way you will see the Ruhr in its metamorphosed form, see spectacular world heritage sites and visit the major cities that make up the Ruhr

Among the cities in the Ruhr, there are many places to explore slowly, such as Essen, Bochum, Dortmund, Duisburg. Essen is located in the heart of the Ruhr region, where design, music, exhibitions, etc. If you have enough time, you can also go to Baldon Lake to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The inner city of Bochum is full of specialty shops that blend in with unique restaurants, cozy taverns and popular clubs, making for the perfect leisure trip.

Needless to say, Bundesliga giants Borussia Dortmund alone drive fans crazy. For a soccer pilgrimage, visit Phoenix Lake and then the stadium. Duisburg is also an example of a successful transformation of industrial culture. I recommend the Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, a perfect blend of industry and garden, as well as the TigerTurtle, located at the top of the magical hill.

# Indulge in World Cultural heritage, summer surprise tour

Visiting NRW's World Heritage sites is a surprise trip. NRW's World Heritage sites are a mix of spectacular cathedrals, ornate palaces and, characteristically of the Ruhr region, industrial World Heritage Sites.

Aachen Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral is Germany's first World Heritage site, a landmark of Aachen and a top tourist destination for the city. Built between 790 and 800 years ago, this cathedral is of great significance in both architectural and art history. It is a classic example of religious architecture. This is the burial place of Charlemagne and was the coronation church of the German emperors for 600 years.

Cologne Cathedral

When looking at the spectacular churches, Cologne Cathedral is certainly on many people's top list. Cologne Cathedral is not only the city landmark of Cologne, but also the most famous cathedral in the world. The new architecture of the cathedral, though of French origin, was not to be outdone by the people of Cologne, who built the cathedral as they thought it would be: more beautiful, bigger, taller.

Fort Augustus and the Game Park

In the small Rhine city of Bruhl, architecture, sculpture, painting and garden art blend perfectly to create a first-class overall art scene. Fort Augustus is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, along with Playgrounds and Baroque gardens. And between May and August, visitors to Fort Augustus can enjoy the Brule Palace concert.

Essen Customs Union coal mining industrial area

The Essen Customs Union coal mining area is an important world cultural heritage and the most beautiful mining area in the world. Mine 12, once the largest and most modern system in the world and a microcosm of the development of European heavy industry, has been transformed into the Ruhr's centre of arts and culture. The mine's Red Dot Design Museum is also part of the heritage.