What are some practical tips and tips for visiting the Netherlands?

Having lived in the Netherlands for four and a half years, talk about it briefly.

1. Transportation

Train plus tram plus bike is preferred. When you land, you can get an OVCHIPKAART card. You can swipe your card to board trains, trams (Trem), buses and some water buses at any time. It is very convenient. The trains in Holland are very developed and convenient, and the speed is ok. The railway network covers almost all cities. So it's the first choice. The Bicycle lanes in Holland are very convenient and there are many dedicated bike lanes. There are a number of dedicated bike maps, some of which can be mapped and exported to GPS navigation. Many of the attractions are connected by bike paths. If live for a long time, buy a gao Sai, travel on rent NS bike, general maintenance is very good. Some cities like DELFT can see Mobike, short distance is ok, long distance ha Ha. Trams are very convenient, for example from DELFT to The Hague, trams are along the canals, it's beautiful, and trams are also very convenient in Amu darya. Bus is less frequent, long wait, but sometimes necessary, such as to yangjiao village. Not all big cities have them. I've been in Rotterdam. It feels like a cross between a train and a tram.

2. The attractions

A list of the more famous attractions is as follows:

Delft, old town, beautiful, old and new church, town hall, royal palace, blue potter's shop. The old town is not big, and it's fun to walk around, much more than the old town of Eminem. Suitable for walking.

What are some practical tips and tips for visiting the Netherlands

Rotterdam, Erasmus Bridge, the houses and markets next to Blaak, the Windmill Dyke (I think they call it the Kid dyke), almost nothing. Recommend the Rotterdam Marathon and you can basically travel around Rotterdam. Holland corner should also belong to Rotterdam, there was a train, central station 1 platform, do not know now there is no. I like it very much, especially at the end of September, when the two big iron gates closed slowly, it was very shocking. Suitable for trem. There is an art gallery, very famous, with some good collections.

The Hague, I love it, the Peace Palace, the Parliament, the art gallery next to the Parliament, Scheveningen Beach, all very interesting. I remember at the end of August or something, there were fireworks on the beach at night for weeks. Better for riding around on a bike.

Eminem, the red light district, but I'm not impressed. The Sichuan restaurant next door is more attractive than that. I prefer museums, national Museum, Van Gogh Museum, buy a museum card, valid for one year, super value. It seems like there's a sailing festival every other year. It's fun.

Utrecht, I love it, the old town has a special feel, second only to Delft. Museums also have many. I prefer the Train Museum and the Music Box Museum.

Maastricht, Horse Town, medieval Old Town, Roman style, old Town walkable. There's Paradise Bookstore.

Sheep horn village, also ok, suitable for taking pictures, too many visitors, will be cold. Suitable for walking or boating.

Roermond, I have to mention that this is the biggest and cheapest discount village in Europe, you know. The old town is also more walkable.

Leiden, the old town, on foot. The ice cream is not bad. The city is very unique. I've run two marathons there and I've seen a light festival there, which is amazing.

What are some practical tips and tips for visiting the Netherlands

Eindhoven, have a chance to see ASML and Philips, nothing else, industrial city.

Keukenhof, is in April when the tulip bloom is suitable to go, there is a park, there are many kinds of tulips, similar to the botanical garden, I also recommend the suburb, riding a bicycle, you can see a large area of tulip flower fields, majestic.

Vaals, the only mountain in the Netherlands, 300 meters above sea level, is the junction of The Three Kingdoms is worth a visit. That's where I went to Aachen. The scenery is better on the way.

Arnhem, I remember there was a religious event, used to be a crowd, and the city was fine. With Nijmegen, one city has a memorial to Operation Market Garden.

Van Gogh National Forest. I've been there a few times. There are bicycles in it.

Other places have no impression, indicating that the city is general, no characteristics XD

3. The activity

The most famous is the Santa Claus parade, starting in early December, every weekend by boat to the next city, a big celebration.

Every other year an air force base Open Day, a Naval base Open Day. Take turns to come. I love it. I'm not sure where.

King's Day parade. All the cities are orange. Lucky enough to see the king, he went to a random city to party with the citizens.

Halloween parade, Eminem. I guess so.

What are some practical tips and tips for visiting the Netherlands

4. Special recommendation

I prefer to ride my bike between cities. Although the Netherlands has a high population density, there are lots of wetlands and stuff between cities. Between Delft and Rotterdam, for example. I loved it. I ran a lap every weekend. Compared with the monotonous city scenery, I prefer the nature, or walking, or running, or cycling, I prefer this peaceful feeling.

In addition, prepare the emergency clothing, most of the rainy days, umbrella does not work. Hee hee.