$350,000 - $60. How much cargo can a 22-wheeler semi-trailer pack?

​The Semi trailer is one of the most widely used models in the logistics and transportation industry. Due to its elevated transportation efficiency, relatively low transportation cost and less fuel consumption than ordinary freight vehicles, it has a wide range of applications. In different transportation needs, semi-trailer models, number of axles, the number of tires are not the same, the number of Semi Trailer Manufacturers tires on the market is typically 20, 22 or 24.

Among them, the 22-wheel semi-trailer is also commonly called "2 to 3", referring to the 6*4 traction front and three rear axle trailer. Tractor total 2+4+4=10 tires, semi trailer total 4+4+4=12 tires.

A friend may say: frequently see "6*4", "6*2", but how to see the model from these numbers?

In fact, it is relatively simple. You can compare the above figure to see: "6*4+3" in the "6" refers to the number of tractor tire group, divided by two is the number of tractor shafts; "4" refers to the number of driving tire groups of the tractor, divided by two is the number of driving shafts of the tractor; ​the "+3" refers to the number of axles on the semitrailer behind the tractor.

07c37be3c7d452ff8ac8d50bb7be49b6How great is a 22-wheeler semi?

At present, the price of the domestic semi-trailer is about 60,000 to 80,000 yuan, and the better one is about 100,000 yuan. The price of the tractor mainly depends on the model, brand, power, domestic or imported and other parameters, typically between 250-500,000. In this way, the price of a 22-wheel semi-trailer is about 350-600,000 yuan. Of course, there are also some brand models of the price that can reach about 800,000, or according to the car owners, to buy the specific analysis.

How much cargo can a 22-wheeler semi carry?

​The "2-to-3" semi-trailer, also known as "6*4+3" model, is a six-axle vehicle in terms of the number of axles. According to the current version GB1589, the limit of the outer profile length of the six-axle semi-trailer is 13.75m, the limit of the width is 2.55m, the limit of the height is 4m, and the maximum allowable total mass limit is 49t.

If the owner wants to load additional goods within the scope of the regulations, you can find ways to reduce the weight of the vehicle, such as choosing some lightweight trailers or trailer accessories. Darong Axle is one of the representative brands of lightweight axle in China. It actively caters to the trend of lightweight reform and develops lightweight axle from various aspects such as raw materials, technology, design and process. Compared with traditional axle, its weight is reduced by more than 15%. Its product line is abundant and diverse, disc axle, drum axle, low flat axle, special axle and other extensive coverage, completely meet the different use needs of owners.