What are the best sexual poses for men to win over women?

A digital sexual position not only allows both men and women to exert less effort, but also allows each other to orgasm every second. Here are four ways to do it from behind.

The backseat position

Postures that help women reach a high point quickly, enhance sex appeal, and prevent premature ejaculation can be easily performed anywhere, and changing positions at will is a way to break away from traditional and creative methods.

The idea is for the man to prop up the woman's butt and insert it into the penis. At this time, the man to assume all the net weight of the woman, but still try to pull the woman to the lower abdomen, and the woman's butt is inseparable, has a great impact on the psychological state.

This method of sexual movement stimulates the vulva and also brings great happiness to women. The greatest feature of this postural approach is that there are no great restrictions on postures. For example, a 1ft sex doll's feet can be completely extended to the side of the male's body, leaving the female sex organs exposed for the male to touch the individual act. In general, this postural approach has an induced effect on women who cannot achieve happiness; ​for male genitalia is too short and premature ejaculation in men to use.

What sexual positions are the least labor-saving?

Front seat posture

Another option for tired men is the front seat position. Men and women are at zero distance, the man sits, the woman sits above the man with her thighs wide open, hugging each other.

It is the full contact of each other's skin, so the irritation is obvious, two people can also chat at zero distance, the sexual activity is done by the woman, if the boy holds the same position. In this case, the man puts his hands behind him, is exercised exclusively by the woman, and when the penis is inserted into the vagina, the woman also puts her hands behind the man. The method of stimulating each other is to choose to improve the buttocks.

The man's doorknob behind, let the woman play, always let a person have a feeling of inadequacy, then the woman also puts the doorknob behind the man, feet forward or backward bending posture makes the sexual apparatus integration, conducive to stimulation improvement, so you can get a lot of happiness. In this position, because the male genitals and vagina are crossed, the woman steps back slightly, like a flagpole falling to the ground, can give the man a kind of oppressive stimulation, making the fatigue subside and get the obvious happiness.