Why is it recommended to turn off automatic start and stop on rainy days?

The buzz has grown in recent years with the popularity of automatic start-stop, but to reduce emissions and save fuel, cars are now required to include automatic start-stop. So what exactly is automatic start and stop? What are the benefits of the car? Today Brother Meow will talk to you about this problem.

First of all, we need to understand the Auto Jump starter. When the car with automatic transmission temporarily parked or waiting for the traffic light, the car will stop automatically in 2 seconds or so after stepping on the brake, and when the brake is released or the steering wheel is turned, the car will start automatically, and the gear is still in D gear. Thus achieve the effect of reducing emissions and saving fuel consumption.

When it rains, why is it recommended to turn off the automatic start and stop? Brother Meow will analyze with you. Because it is a rainy day, if the automatic start and stop work when waiting for the traffic lights, when the engine is automatically started, it may cause rain into the engine, leading to the piston being jacked or the cylinder, which will bring inevitable damage to the engine. In serious cases, the engine may be scrapped directly. That's why Meow doesn't recommend automatic start/stop on rainy days.

4e0f225cf4cd717bda606a68144ae857Some time ago, due to the heavy rain, many cars were flooded in serious places. Where it is not serious, it is difficult to avoid the need to wade. In this case, it is necessary to close the automatic start and stop. If the wading, next to a car driving fast, splashing water may enter the air intake, then the automatic start and stop do not know, until the release of the brake, the water will enter the engine, causing unnecessary trouble.

So what are the dangers of automatic start and stop to the car? Many friends say that automatic start and stop are very unfriendly to the engine, and in fact, automatic start and stop are not harmful to the engine. Because automatic start and stop belong to hot start, short stop automatic start and stop will work. In this case, the temperature of the engine is relatively high, the viscosity of the engine is also small, so there is no need to worry about how much harm the engine has.

Automatic start and stop of the most expensive battery, the car frequently starts and stops will reduce the life of the battery. Because of the automatic start and stop of the car, the battery is used to enhance the type, and there are automatic start and stop devices, so the maintenance cost of the later period, will be higher than the ordinary battery.

Some models can not be closed manually automatic start and stop how to do it? As long as the car stops, the gear will be hung into neutral, the car will not stall. According to different models choosing different methods, some cars do not wear seat belts, the wheel corner is too large, automatic start and stop will not work.