Why has Thailand become one of the world's most popular tourist destinations?

My humble opinion:

1. Geographical advantages Thailand is located in the center of Southeast Asia, and a 5-hour flight can cover most countries in Asia. What is the concept of 5-hour flight? First of all, the journey is not very tired is within the affordable range of most people, and the round-trip air ticket is cheap, which is 23,000 YUAN is an acceptable price for ordinary people. It's not just that, of course, Thailand sucks but if you look around at Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia even Vietnam and Thailand are not that bad, right?

Why has Thailand become one of the world's most popular tourist destinations

2. Weather: Tropical weather is a good time to travel all the year round, so it can attract a large number of goose feather and northern Hemisphere European countries tourists, of course, northeast China, Japan and South Korea are also infatuated with Thailand ah, because hometown is frozen for most of the year.

3. Geographical factors: The sea in the south, the central plain, the mountains in the north, the diverse geographical environment also provides a variety of gameplay.

4. Price, food and cultural factors: The price of Thailand is similar to That of China, which is acceptable for Asians and quite cheap for Europeans and Americans. The unique food and culture are also talked about.

5. Historical reasons: Southeast Asia has always been a place for great powers to contend for. Although Thailand was never colonized in history, it served the British, French, Japanese and Americans in just 700 years. Patia was originally from the US military port. Every ethnic group can feel at home in Thailand when they want to. I see europeans and Americans eating in Pizza Hut in China and I feel really poor. At least that doesn't happen in Thailand where many restaurants serve western food that is more European than American and cheaper than those people back home. Speaking of which, the Chinese food here is not very good, huh

Why has Thailand become one of the world's most popular tourist destinations

6. Cater to special preferences: Thailand to break the old old, you live here for a long time will feel inconvenient but is fun for tourists, such as how many times the illegal building railway market during the people writing the travels of small and pure and fresh and the critical heat dirty weekend market many people crowded, not to mention the Thailand have the advantage of business, simple said Thailand has provided you have demand, What do you want to play X smoke a big cigarette watch a show bubble a bar here are put to provide services, unlike some countries are concealed deep kneading.