What are the manifestations of capacitor failure?

Capacitors are essential electronic components in numerous electronic products, acting as smoothing filters for rectifiers in electronic devices, power and decoupling, bypass, AC coupling, etc. Capacitance is an indispensable part of the board design, and its quality has become a very critical aspect for us to judge the quality of the board. What happens when a capacitor burns out? Let's take a look with allchips.

1. If deformation and expansion of the capacitor housing are found, it means that the insulating medium or electrode in the capacitor must be damaged, and the operation should be scrapped immediately and a fresh product should be replaced.

2. If the phenomenon of flickering burst or oil spray or overflow of internal insulating medium is found, the capacitor should be immediately judged as damaged, and the damaged products should be appropriately handled and recovered and replaced with fresh products.

3. The capacitor should not make any noise during normal operation. If you hear the abnormal "chip", "snap" discharge sound or "hum" dull sound, indicating that there must be a fault inside the capacitor, you should immediately stop further inspection or replace the current product.

​Thus the above is some performance of capacitor failure. I hope to help you, if necessary, welcome to contact us.