Overlooking the mountains | Dalian sea also has mountains

No winter is insurmountable, no spring will not come, while the breeze is not dry, to wait for the clouds to "epidemic" scattered, to climb the far, conquer the mountains and fields.

It seems that Chinese people have been loving landscape since ancient times. No matter what kind of situation we face, we learn to wait quietly in front of landscape, learn to find balance, peace and ourselves in the chaos. So today I would like to recommend a trip related to the mountains.

The mountains in Dalian don't seem to get as much attention as the sea, but after reading this travelogueyou must be eager to see the peaks.


Qianshan Shu Yu pen, liaonan first peak

Buyun Mountain known as the first peak in southern Liaoning province, 1130.7 meters above sea level, belongs to the qianshan mountain, located in Zhuanghe City Buyun Mountain township peak village. The mountains here are steep and rocky, and the peaks are covered with clouds all year round.

Overlooking the mountains | Dalian sea also has mountains

Compared with many other mountains in The country, Buwoon Mountain is only a minor one.

But on the Liaodong Peninsula, which is surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is the first peak. It is said that there are fairy tales here. There are many homestay under the mountain, you can also soak in hot spring here, buy mountain goods.


Steep peaks, turbulent water out

Dalian Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park is magnificent, dangerous, precipitous, strange and beautiful, all mountains and ravines have the charm of successive layers.

It consists of five scenic spots: Yunqi Mountain, Zhuangxiang Lake, Kuang Yu, Tianmen Mountain and Big Heyan. Every tomb-sweeping day, Tianmen Mountain manshanye flowers second and open, as if to marry a girl, slightly powdered, can if the morning glow.

Overlooking the mountains | Dalian sea also has mountainsSummer rafting is best known. It is not open to the public in March and November every year. It is suggested to take a scenic sightseeing bus to save energy.


A summer resort for leisure and relaxation

Bingyugou Tourist Resort, national 4A class tourist resort, known as the small Guilin in Southern Liaoning province.

According to legend, Xue Rengui east campaign, once camped here, Tang Taizong Li Shimin to this tending, given the name "bing Yu", later renamed "bing yu".

The scenic area is divided into south ditch, north ditch, the package includes two round-trip cruise.

There are many attractions in the scenic area, the most recommended is the cable car, which can reach the highest peak of Bingyu. It is an ideal summer resort with moderate temperature.


Away from the cage, there is a bamboo forest

Bamboo Pavilion Manor, the newly emerged punching mecca, is hidden in the mountains of paradise, for the busy people in the city, opened up a side of the independent Neverland.

The villa has a small zoo, leisure area, picking areas and so on. Three different styles of b&B, as well as the tree house can be experienced, the overall style of the European town. Perfect for children to experience the charm of nature.

Overlooking the mountains | Dalian sea also has mountains


Green trees blowing smoke leaf open, green mountains stacked emerald cloud to

Dalian Yinshitan National Forest Park. The forest coverage rate in the park is 77.2%, and the original forest area is 91.9 hectares. There are more than 1000 plant species, which is a natural plant gene pool. Unique natural landscape, the four seasons have different characteristics.

Spring is the season when vegetation begins to recover and grow. The concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air here is high, reaching the national atmospheric quality standard level 1. It is a natural oxygen bar for forest bathing. The car can go right up there.


Mutton soup pyrotechnics, cooking all over the world delicious food

Zhuang River faces the sea, in addition to authentic seafood, mutton is also very famous. We found a hot pot - Old Bidi Beef seafood hot pot.

Although it is not winter, still want to taste the boiling hot soup pot, spoon chopsticks delicious after a day through the mountains. Fresh ingredients, often without fussy cooking, can be gently dipped in a boiling pot to activate your taste buds.


Wash away the dust and dirt, and lay your soul in the mountains

With the smell of hot pot, we checked into a mountain-side homestay - a mountain-side autumn night homestay.

Here swing stone mill against the wall, thatched eaves yellow lanterns, white walls blue brick gray stone steps. Come here, forget the common world bother, like living in the pastoral landscape poet's masterpiece.

The guest rooms and garden design here are professional landscape design. In order to ensure the experience and maintain a clean and natural environment, there are not many rooms. If you plan to visit, be sure to book in advance.

Stay in the city for a long time, the heart will be impetuous.

Returning to nature and enjoying life may be the best way to heal ourselves. Come to Dalian Zhuanghe forest experience wild fun, out of the bustling city, to enjoy the sunset spring scenery.