Large Chengdu area, easy hiking

The place I introduce to you in this issue is in Dujiangyan. The main place is in the business district of the ancient city. If you drive, you can park your car in the parking lot of the business district.

Then you can jump easy pace, to the direction of lingyan Zen, this road can drive up, all the way to the mountain business district, called Lingyan ancient street. Now there are few businesses inside, mainly in the state of repair lingyan Temple, so the whole forest is cold and quiet.

The road is paved with tarmac and lined with towering trees, many of them more than 100 years old. The air quality is very high, although the road is very easy to walk, but it is a winding mountain road, has been going up, so it is still some laborious to walk. There are bugs on the road, which means the environment here is really good.

Large Chengdu area, easy hiking

Walk to the ancient street, you can rest your feet, if you need to find a suitable place to drink tea, have a look at the panoramic view of Dujiangyan, if you don't want to stay, then take a rest and go down the mountain. The round trip takes about 2 hours. After coming down, you can go to the old town business district for a stroll and a bite to eat.

There are some places to take photos here, one is covered bridge, the other is an entrance of Dujiangyan scenic area, this section was included in the scenic area before, but now in order to match the ancient city, so you can enter and exit for free. The physical strength can continue to go up, feel tired, wandering in the ancient streets, eating and drinking, taking photos as a souvenir.