Travel to France: Bring back 5 bottles of excellent wine from 5 of the most beautiful resorts in France

Now, you and I are trapped by the epidemic and can't go out. We always want to see the people we want to see, go to the places we want to go, and eat the food we want to eat after the epidemic is over. As if to change the epidemic into other, this set of views is also very familiar, such as a holiday, such as busy, such as rich! Think about it, waiting for the right moment seems difficult! Let's do what we can now!

Although travel is limited, enjoying the beautiful scenery can make you feel relaxed and happy!

From Romantic Paris, bring back "Champagne"

For travelers to France, Paris is their first stop. There are many big sights: the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame cathedral, but there are also many small sights: the leaves of champs Elysees, the coffee on the Left Bank. It sells expensive luxury goods as well as great tasting wines.

Just as Beijing has few agricultural and sideline products, neither does Paris, the capital of China, but it is very close to the famous wine region known as the champagne Region. Yes, champagne is the name of not only the bubbly wine but also the region where the wine is produced. Champagne is very close to Paris and a lot of champagne is shipped to Paris every year for sale. If you go to Paris, don't forget to buy champagne!

Travel to France: Bring back 5 bottles of excellent wine from 5 of the most beautiful resorts in FranceFrom the splendour of Normandy, bring back calvados.

In northern Normandy lies Mont Saint-Michel, a monastery in the sea. A UNESCO World Heritage site and popular photography destination, it consists of a rocky island in the middle of one of Europe's strongest tidal displays. At high tide it is surrounded by the sea and at low tide it is completely exposed, an incredible spectacle. Etretat is a small town, also in Normandy, between two huge cliffs overlooking the sea. Etretat is located directly in front of the Coted 'albatre, with impressive cliffs up to 100 metres high. The best way to appreciate this natural wonder is to relax your soul with a walk by the sea.

And the wine produced here, and here magnificent scenery can be said to be temperament happens to coincide. At a time when the wines of other parts of France were flourishing, apples were made into a liqueur brandy, known in France as Calvados, and the apples grew very well here, and the roads were lined with apple trees, each one covered with apples.

From the Loire river, bring back vivid "natural wine"

Who didn't want to live in a real castle when they were little? Loire Castles include more than 400 well-preserved castles along the Loire, many of which can be visited inside. Some of the castles date back to the Middle Ages and offer architectural styles ranging from Renaissance to Baroque. So many castles, it's hard to decide which one to go to. Especially worth a visit are Chambord's hunting lodge, Cheverny Castle and the medieval Blois Castle.

The Loire of the wine world is also synonymous with tradition! Even with advances in wine-making technology, fertilisation to encourage the growth of vines, machine picking, industrial brewing, and sulphur to extend the shelf life of wines, the Loire sticks to the traditional methods, as winemakers did centuries ago, farming by hand and avoiding sulphur. The Loire's natural wine is a must!

From Provence, a sea of flowers, bring back a "peach"

Purple fields of lavender are the symbol of Provence in southern France. The bright fields, often stretching to the horizon, have been a favorite subject for artists and photographers for quite some time. But be warned: there's little point in going there outside of the flowering season. The flowering period of lavender is from the end of June to the beginning of August, which is the harvest time of lavender. A visit to the Tonka grass fields is recommended in July, when lavender is in full bloom. The mild Mediterranean climate also makes the surrounding villages worth a visit.

Have you never seen a peach wine before? Red wine is the most common, followed by white wine, but I do not know there is peach wine. Provence is a world of color, and it also produces a unique color of rose wine.

And brought back from Strasbourg an Alsatian white.

In the North-East of France, not far from the German border, is the beautiful old city of Strasbourg. As we all know, the official seat of the European Parliament is here. It is a typical border area where French and German cultures mix, and many residents are even bilingual. Strasbourg Cathedral is one of the city's grandest attractions. The exterior walls of the Gothic cathedral are really worth a look. In the heart of Strasbourg is the picturesque "Little France". Behind the name lies the old quarter of fishermen, tanners and millers, strolling between half-timbered houses and moats. The pedestrian area also has beautiful boutiques and Tarte Flambee restaurants.

If you are in Alsace, the famous white wine region, you must take a bottle of white, riesling, Gewurztraminer, musk. Yes, these are all wine names. Do you want to taste the wine just by the name?