If you play France, you don't just focus on Paris

When it comes to France, there are too many labels to make people look forward to. The world famous wine industry and culture, French cuisine and so on, all make people look forward to. And Paris, the city of romance, is mesmerized by love, light and art. But there's a lot more to France than the glamour of Paris. Today, I would like to recommend Bordeaux, Nantes and Corsica.

Nantes. Known as the "Green Capital of Europe", nantes is most appreciated for its environment. This is a city that lives up to its commitment to protecting the environment, and that's why it's known all over France, and even around the world.

Come to Nantes, you can go for a leisurely walk along the Loire river, or you can ride a sightseeing bicycle. After this stop, visit the medieval castle. But the most anticipated sights in Nantes are the ancient fishing villages only accessible by boat.

Here on the staggered streets, the walls are painted into colorful dwellings like a colorful fairy tale world. Sit in a coffee shop at random and watch the people coming and going. You just sit there half the day.

d0527b7a044735fb875079cda2597796Corsica. For a holiday in France, Corsica is a must. It's a bit like China's Hainan, but the novelty is more pronounced because of its exotic features.

Not only for foreigners, but also for people from France, Italy and other countries, it is a desirable vacation destination. Corsica is the "island of Beauty". From the scenery to the people, there is no denying the city's self-confident indifference and pride in its homeland.

Indeed, it is a place where the sun, sand and water are comfortable, and hiking is a great way to travel if you have enough energy.

Bordeaux. The history, architecture and so on of Bordeaux will impress everyone who comes here. Although there is no neon flashing in Paris, the rare quiet makes people feel more interesting. Whether you like to study The history of Europe and France, or like the distinctive European architectural style, there is something for you.

It is, after all, old enough in France to inspire awe at its history. In addition, because it is a port city, ships can be seen everywhere docking at the shore to guard the people and the city.

Without words, they support the livelihood of the whole city of Bordeaux. You don't have to do much to get here. You can get a very thorough feeling of the city scenery. Due to its proximity to the sea, the city was often buffeted by strong winds from the Mediterranean, but fortunately it was strong enough to withstand them.