What are some good places to travel alone in America?

The United States is so big and there are so many interesting places to travel alone. Like the scenic spots in the big cities, little Miu will not do details.

Here are 5 fun places to visit around major cities. Photo card super good-looking, minutes can take a big feeling ~

What are some good places to travel alone in America

1. Ghost Town, Nevada

According to the Daily Mail on December 22, a series of gruesome images have revealed what a ghost town in Nevada, US, looks like. At least one gold mine can be seen, as well as a plane that crashed during the filming of a movie by the American actor Kevin Costner.

Around 1942, when gold mining ended and the town began to decline, many people moved to Las Vegas and Reno. In 2000, it was a ghost town, a perfect place to shoot movies.

What are some good places to travel alone in America

2.White Sands National Park

White Sands National Park is located in the northernmost Tularosa Basin of new Mexico's Chihuhuan Desert, one of the world's most famous natural wonders. Here, huge wavy gypsum dunes cover an area of about 300 square miles of desert. The dunes are constantly changing, growing, reaching a peak, and collapsing. The desert is constantly advancing, covering everything in its path with sand.

Almost four hundred species of animals live in White Sands National Park. Many of them are birds and insects. There are also twenty-six species of reptiles, including rattlesnakes and lizards, and more than forty species of mammals, including hares, foxes and coyotes.

What are some good places to travel alone in America

3 Matcha wheat fields

Located in southeastern Washington state, north-central Idaho, and northeastern Oregon, the Palouse area is a paradise for photography enthusiasts due to its unique topography, especially in spring and fall. Coming to matcha Wheat field area, you can see wheat fields like matcha chocolate as you step into Windows desktop.

What are some good places to travel alone in America

4 Valley of Fire State Park

It is the oldest national park in Nevada, established in 1935 and covers 14,120 hectares. The valley of Fire is so called because the vast outcrowed red Sandstone of the Mesozoic era reflects a fiery red in the sun, making it look like a burning valley from a distance.

What are some good places to travel alone in America

5, seven color stone

Made up of seven colorful stacked boulders, it stands more than thirty feet high and is bordered by sheep Hill and McCullough Mountains, bird Springs and Good Springs Mountains. The Magic Seven Mountains is a creative expression of human presence in the desert, highlighting the Mojave desert in poetic form and color.