Where can I shop in Xi'an?

I want to go to Xi'an to play the biggest interest is to buy clothes or something. I want to ask where there are more shopping stores in Xi'an? It’s best to have an address
I. I will come back to give you a reply ~ It’s best to be like a place in Liuxiang in Taiyuan

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  1. Xingzhengyuan, collection of clothing. Address: Luoma City, Zhonglou, Xi'an.

    Kaishi, clothing, home appliances, electronics, food. Essence Essence Wait
    : Kaiyuan Mall in Zhonglou, Xi'an.

    The super market [Chain Shopping] Address:
    1. West Street Store: Xi'an Ximen Lixi Street.
    2. Xiaozhai Store: Xiaozhai Xinghan Road, Xi'an.
    , etc. Essence Essence
    Prothuman Super Market [Chain Shopping Plaza] Address:
    1. Ximen Store: Xi'an Ximen Outsider Le Supermarket.
    2. Beiguan Store: Xi'an North Sim.
    , etc. Essence
    3. China Resources Wanjia Supermarket [Chain Shopping] Address:
    1. Labor Road Store: Xi'an Labor Road
    2. Beiguan Store: Beiguan Street, Xi'an City, everyone is opposite to the opposite side.
    Ito supermarket [Chain Shopping] Address:
    1. Star Fire Store: Xinghuo intersection of Fenghe Road, Lianhu District, Xi'an.
    2. Tugen Store: Xi'an Cross.
    3. Unity Road Store: Xi'an Unity South Road.
    , etc. Essence Essence

    The also some commodity logistics distribution sites. [For example: Rehabilitation Road, Zhejiang Village, Tucong New Market, etc. Essence ]

    Is please dial: 114 [114 Number Pepsi]

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  2. Hi! I am a girl in Xi'an. There are so many places to go shopping in Xi'an. I can introduce it to you: For your choice:
    The first choice is the Bell and Drum Tower Square: the bell tower is divided into east, south, south, West, North Four Streets: East Street is a specialty store, with a variety of brand stores. The main targets are targeted at students; West Street is an antique street with several large shopping squares. ; Bei Street to Xihua Gate is the main mobile phone store in Xi'an. Buying a mobile phone is the first choice; there are also many brand stores in South Street, but they are targeted at people with older ages, such as white -collar workers. In addition, there are many theaters, restaurants and fast food restaurants on the four streets. Here I recommend that you must go to the Huimin Lane under the Drum Tower. It is the characteristic of Xi'an. There are many signature snacks in Xi'an. It is a must -have place for people in foreign travel.
    is a very good place for young people. There are ground squares and underground squares. There are many specialty restaurants, all kinds of fast food restaurants and shops. , The good place for the jewelry, the things are not expensive and the rice is also delicious.
    Itzhai squares are basically similar to Luoma City, and they are also targeted at young people, so things are not expensive. Because there are many colleges and universities around, the main crowd to go there is a student.
    The eastern suburbs of Xi'an, from rehabilitation roads to Jinhua Road, all the way are the wholesale market, including the wholesale market, Northwestern clothing city, colorful clothing cities, light industry wholesale markets, tea wholesale markets, The food wholesale market and many shopping malls and restaurants. It can be said to have everything along the way. You can almost buy anything you want to buy, but don't forget to bargain with the seller!
    This introduction above covers almost all the main places of shopping in Xi'an. You can choose according to your needs. If you have never been to Xi'an, then I suggest you go to the Bell and Drum Tower Square first. After all, there is a signature of Xi'an. I wish you happy in Xi'an!

  3. Xiaozhai Bar
    This place to visit
    The favorite of Haobang, which is good and more beautiful in the clothes opposite Parkson
    The best price of clothes downstairs is moderate, not expensive

    In the first floor of Xiaozhai's Baihui on the first floor is very cheap on the second floor. Some shops
    The gadgets in the market in the market in East Street are quite small, and there are a lot of gadgets in Japan. Or East Street, you can have a lot of people

  4. Xiaozhai: Baihui, Harbor City
    Dongjie Street
    The city of Luma City at night, also on Dongjie Street. If you ask everyone, you will know
    You can buy a lot of interesting small gadgets and food
    above are places to buy clothes and gadgets;
    The college door, you can buy things like jade.

  5. I prefer Wanda Plaza, in Lijia Village.
    The small village is good, which is more like Liuxiang, but it is concentrated than Liuxiang.
    This or to the East Street in Xi'an is more prosperous than Liuxiang.