A Japanese aquarium has developed a bath ball complete with shark teeth

One particular item that has become a hot topic in Japan's biological community these days is the "Shark Attack" bath ball. ​bath ball is a common prop for people to take a bath in the bathtub. It will melt immediately after being put into the water and emit a special fragrance and a lot of bubbles according to its own characteristics. It can not only wash the body, but also make the bath process full of fun. So what about the shark attack?

Once placed in the bath, it will gradually dissolve into the water and turn the bath into a "pool of blood". The most surprising thing is that after the bath ball has entirely melted, a real shark tooth will appear! ​Rather, curious creativity attracted the attention of numerous netizens, has become the object of people's discussion.

The hashtag product was launched by the Sea World Nakamichi Aquarium in Fukuoka, Japan, which easily met its target of 200,000 yen (10,051 yuan) on its fundraising platform. ​The bath bomb factory eventually raised more than 3.46 million yen (173,893 yuan), allowing the "Shark Attack" bath ball to be commercialized.

Where did the teeth in the aforementioned bath balls come from? It turned out that the aquarium had collected it itself. The teeth come from aquarium-bred sand tiger sharks, which are known to regrow and replace teeth throughout their lives, with some losing tens of thousands of teeth in a lifetime. After the shark's teeth are changed, aquarium staff can dive to the bottom of the tank and flip it easily. ​Thus real shark teeth are not a rare item in aquariums, but they can be for the general public.

eb6a812a5b7bc16e7d78f7b702f20509What's more, the melted scarlet color of the bath balls looks scary, but instead of smelling like iron or blood, they really smell like roses, which are surprisingly charming! The Shark Attack bath Ball is a magical combination of panic and reassurance, with a shark themed design on the packaging as well as a lovely photo of the shark taken at the aquarium. While the average bath ball contains 2cm shark teeth, there is a set with 4cm shark teeth for a different price.

The birth of the "shark attack" bath ball is literally the helpless move of aquarium designers. Due to the influence of various factors, people's willingness to go out is reduced, and the customer flow of the aquarium is naturally decreased. Everyone wants to keep their business going, so someone saw a shark tooth and came up with the idea above, so that people can experience the excitement and excitement of visiting an aquarium at home.

The director thinks that although the product's idea is excellent, the blood and shark are forcibly bound, deepening the wrong impression that people go to the beach to play, sharks seem to attack people at anytime! This is really not true, because sharks are not interested in humans at all and humans are not on their diet list. Even if there are cases of sharks attacking humans, it's likely because the sharks made a mistake, mistaking humans for seals or turtles.