4 thoughts on “18K gold diamond ring 70 points of net VVS2 color K_L can be worth more money?”

  1. The color of this diamond is a bit low, depending on the cut and fluorescent parameters. According to your description, there should be no GIA or IGI or NGTC nude diamond certificate. It is possible to sell the diamond ring that the brand agrees with different brands is different.

  2. Because the style of the ring is not known and how much gold is used, we only look at the naked drill parameters
    0.70ct, KL color, VVS2 clarity, unknown, fluorescence is unknown.
    First of all, this parameter is particularly unprofessional. If it is a naked diamond grading, it is necessary to clarify the color level K or L color. If it is the finished product classification, the subdivision of VVS2 will not appear. VVS; shows that this is a bulk, without a serious grading certificate.
    did not like to comment on the price of price directly, but the question asked about the price, so it is an exception. Essence
    Under the premise of the GIA certificate, the price range of the parameters given is 8000-11000 yuan.

    It other certificates or no certificate, reducing it on this price.
    It, if you need to calculate the inlaid cost, if you have no auxiliary stones, take the weight of the entire ring to 350, which is almost the same.