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  1. Diamond recycling price, which mainly depends on the 4C parameters of the diamond (carat weight, color, clarity, cutting) and whether it is fluorescent. Take the GIA diamonds of One carat, for example, the recovery price is generally about 20-60,000. Hope to adopt, thank you

  2. Many knows the way of preservation of gold and silver, but few people know that diamonds also have international offers. All these prices have something to do with the US dollar. Diamond quotes are difficult to know for ordinary customers. Only the next day was only obtained.

    If 50 -point diamond color is H -chromatography at VS1, 3EX non -fluorescent international diamond offer is 1300 yuan, and the current exchange rate is 6.9 yuan is 1300 multiplied at 6.8 = 8970 yuan (RMB) Generally, the wholesale price must be about 5.5-6.5 % off, so the recovery price is generally suitable for 4-5 %.

    I. As a profession, I have to admire the violence of domestic diamond merchants. Customers buy 50 -point diamond color in the mall. And the actual value is less than 7,000 yuan.

    The diamond ring, you can buy it if you like it, don't think about value preservation or the like. For the reason, the price of the diamond is 1.5 % to 20 %. When the real value of the diamond rises to 5,000, how many years will it take, even if it rises to 5000, no one wants to spend 5000 for receiving, because it is not necessary to collect it as the price of the goods. Of course, strive to rise to the cost of 6000, and the diamond ring you spent 5,000 yuan can be sold at 5,000 yuan. Therefore, you ca n’t get the purchase price, you can only do the final consumers, so do n’t want to buy these items and hope to keep it!

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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the recycling price of diamond ring. This is mainly divided into two pieces: ⑴ The price of naked diamond recycling, which mainly depends on the 4C parameters of the diamond and whether it is fluorescent, and regardless of the brand and other factors. If it is a GIA certificate, the price of diamond recycling is higher, if it is other certificates, it will be lower. , The recycling price of the precepts depends on what material the precepts are. At present, the mainstream trace materials are: platinum and 18K gold. The recovery price is mainly affected by gold prices. At present, the price of platinum recovery is 200 one grams, and the 8K gold recovery price is 250 per grams. At present, there are not many places to recover diamonds, but it is recommended to choose a regular recycling company to compare the prices of several.