5 thoughts on “What gifts do friends and leaders move their new homes for new homes?”

  1. 1. Food
    The new home to celebrate relatives and friends, food and wine are cheap gifts. You can choose one or two bottles of wine or a bottle of champagne. You can drink it at the wedding banquet. The range of food is wide, seafood, chicken, duck, cake, fruits, etc., fresh and delicious.
    2, flowers

    This to move to relatives and friends to move new homes, sending flowers is also a very good gift. It can not lose its taste and add joy to the owner's family. You can send flowers in advance, and the flowers can be placed on the living room or table at the time of dining to increase the joyful atmosphere of a wedding banquet.
    3, daily necessities

    Chanded the joy of moving, you can choose some more practical daily necessities, such as microwave ovens, induction cookers, tableware, quilts, etc.
    4. Special items

    The special gifts can also be given to celebration, such as sending a large festive cross stitch, and embroidered the owner's name on it, which will definitely be subject to the owner's house’s home’s home’s house. welcome. Or send some cooking and health books to the owner to bring the fun of life. You can also choose to send some toys for the children of the master.
    5, decorative painting
    The decorative paintings hanging in the home are also one of the gifts that can be selected. When choosing decorative paintings, you must pay attention to the age of the owner. For young people, you can send some abstract and modern sense of modernity. Full of paintings, but for middle -aged and elderly people, they are likely not to understand your thoughts. At this time, you can choose some landscape paintings.

  2. General cases are the best to send vases, paintings, cross stitch, and tableware, but I don't recommend it.

    First, the decoration should cooperate with her overall decoration style. Especially painting can play a role of positioning. If you don't match it, you can only transfer others after putting it away. Of course, there may be some possibilities that may be suitable for her, but it is very dangerous. Moreover, the current decoration does not like to destroy the wall after nailing. So I don't recommend it.

    The second, it is good if it is a beautiful cup or tableware. However, anyone who only needs to use this product. You have to ensure that she is not ready or others will not be the same as you think. Otherwise, destiny is either a high pavilion or a transfer to others.

    The is recommended to send coffee pots or soymilk machines such as more practical things. If it is one to two hundred yuan, I suggest you send a bunch of flowers. It is a popular simulation flower now. The people in the store will help you with a good match. There are many shapes, and your requirements are full of your requirements. Very atmospheric, very eye -catching, very prominent. Even if someone thinks, your flowers will never be the same. This kind of angry thing is more good at home. Our New Year bought some of the New Year, and everyone who was a guest had to study for a long time or fake. Moreover, there will be no style of style, which can be said to be loved.

  3. Friends and leaders move the newly residential gift. According to the budget, choose a hand -embroidered decorative painting or decoration. It can be used as a living room and restaurant decoration, all of which are well -moving patterns, suitable for different home decoration styles. After the hand -embroidered painting frame, the atmosphere is at the atmosphere.

  4. 1. The joy of the leader's movement:
    This gifts sent out must meet the identity and status of the leader. It is best to set the ornaments, which can be placed in home, and the meaning is relatively beautiful. However, remember that sending the leader to move the gift should not be too valuable or personality, too valuable to be bribery, and it is easy to make people feel that there are other "hearts" behind the gift; too personality, and it is easy to appear "incompatible" or "publicity". It is usually possible to express blessings and medium prices.
    2, the joy of customer movement:
    3, friends of friends movement:
    1, sending excitement:
    This to send gifts to send lively and exclusively, the more lively atmosphere can set off the celebration atmosphere. The gift given is pretending to be decorative.
    2, sending auspicious:
    The relocation of gifts to send auspiciousness, relocating new living and business opening must be auspicious. Relocation gift gifts must have the meaning of auspiciousness in order to satisfy the owner.
    3, sending wealth:
    The relocation of gifts to wealth, moving into a new home, everyone hopes that the livestock is prosperous, more than the year. The business is more expected to make a wide range of wealth, and the gifts that can be given to express their wealth are of course a good gift.
    1. Sending flowers: Celebrating relatives and friends to move new homes. Flowers are the most neutral gifts. They can add joy to the owner's family. When choosing flowers, it is advisable to send pot flowers suitable for balcony, preferably perennial flowers. When you send flowers in advance, the flowers can be placed on the living room or table at the time of dining to increase the joyful atmosphere of a wedding banquet.
    2. Send food: Celebrate the movement of new homes, food and wine are also cheap and beautiful gifts. You can choose one or two bottles of wine or a bottle of champagne, you can drink at the wedding banquet. The selection of food is wide, and any food will be loved by the owner, especially the frozen conditioning food or cooking ham, roast chicken, roasted beef, cake, fruit, etc.
    4. Daily supplies: Celebrating the joy of moving, you can choose some more practical daily necessities, such as candles, pads in front of the door, garden utensils, umbrella racks, picnic utensils, tea cups, doorbells, pillows, cooking books, etc. You can also choose things that can exude aroma in the house, such as spraying agents, floral fragrance, and perfume. In addition, it is a good choice to get a good set of CDs, DVD disks or kitchen accessories.
    7, creative gifts: the more novel the better. Or send stable flowers and trees, such as Jianlan Rose Basin loading bonsai to show grand meaning and so on.
    [Harbin -to -rush to give gifts]:
    but note that it is not advisable to send daily necessities, cut these tools, and privacy such as pajamas and bathrobes. This will make them uncomfortable, especially when the relationship is general.

  5. 1. Flower Green Plants
    Is when friends move, sending some flower and green plants is the most secure way. But not all kinds of flowers and green plants can be delivered. Be sure to choose that kind of meaning auspiciousness. For example: Fortune tree, rich bamboo and so on. Not only do these names sound good, but the price is not expensive, economical and affordable. Why not do it?
    2, ornaments
    Is when a friend moves a new home, it is also good to send some good ornaments. Add the cake on the decoration of the house, which can meet the needs of friends well. After all, I just moved a new home, and I will lack some items at home. If the gifts you send can come in handy and send it to the heart of a friend, it is not good.
    3, daily necessities
    When a new home, it is inevitable that there will be some things in the home. After all, if you want to set up the items in the home for a long time, it is still difficult. If you can send some daily daily necessities at this time, like a complete set of tea sets, kitchen utensils, etc., you can avoid friends to buy it again. Not only do you save a sum of money, but also loved by friends.