5 thoughts on “What should I choose for a 12 -year -old boy's birthday gift?”

  1. The 12 -year -old boy is generally curious and like novelty and fun, so strange creative gifts will be a good choice.
    1. The first recommendation is some interesting and funny creative gifts. Such a small gift just meets the curiosity of a 12 -year -old boy. It is something that little boys are interested in. For example, some gifts that can be customized are particularly appropriate. Use the characteristics of creative gifts to customize birthday wishes to it. Creativity is fun, and there is a certain commemorative significance.
    2, followed by the novelty gifts that are also particularly attractive to the little boys. Novelty gifts can often be used to bring birthday surprises with unexpected fun designs. For example Bar can, you can predict the weather in the storm in an interesting way, which will be a birthday gift that makes your son's eyes shine.
    3, in the end, some boys who are suitable for boys, daily necessities, etc. are the simplest and most direct way to choose practical things for birthday gifts, and do not worry about affecting their son's learning, such as this age, such as this age, such as this age, such as this age, such as this age It is a good choice to send him a smart air pressure massage protector to protect his eyes or send him a student watch. It is a good choice.

  2. 1. The 12 -year -old child at home, if there is no phone watch, can send him a phone watch, because you will want to see others with himself without him.
    2. You can send some Lego for him, because boys like to assemble things from childhood.
    3. If the parents agree, they can give him some things about the game, such as headphones, mouses, keyboards, etc.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer hello, I am very happy to answer for you, tablet computer; pen and ink sleeve gift box; children's two -wheeled balance car; student -only reading book frame; children's telephone watch; palm on the game machine. Basketball sneakers and so on are the content summary of what gifts to send 12 -year -old boys. Hope to help you

  4. For children in the growth period, they are looking forward to receiving birthday gifts from others during their birthday. For the twelve -year -old children, they mainly like toys at this time. I just like some cute styles. At the same time, on such an important day, you can take more photos for children to record such an important moment in the way of photos.

  5. What should I choose for a 12 -year -old boy's birthday gift?
    The intellectual toy or book, too white, do not send it, the little boy of this age can be picky