5 thoughts on “What is good to give a 12 -year -old girl birthday gift?”

  1. You can find some creative small things, plush toys, school supplies, and beautiful clothes.

    1, watch:
    See you every day, see it all the time, see it in seconds and seconds, and accompany you in seconds in seconds,
    2, special version of the doll:
    It you can buy a general comparison doll, and then add something to it yourself, a word or her birthday, so it is not expensive and special. You can also send a live -action cartoon image doll.

    3, crystal gifts:
    , such as crystal music box and crystal makeup mirror, women have no resistance to pure crystal.

    4, a good book:

    This can enrich the knowledge of girls. Goethe once said: "Read a good book to talk to a noble person." Essence

  2. What is the birthday gift for 12 -year -old girl? Send a birthday gift for twelve -year -old girls, no matter what gifts, it is meaningful.
    usually a gift represents a heart, the most special gift is the most meaningful.
    If customized gifts are more interested and unique.
    For example, send a hand -painted portrait of girls, hand -drawn the beautiful and cute look of the girls, or write the blessing text on it, which can be kept permanently.
    This of this gift is more memorable and very creative. When the girl receives it, she will wake up with dreams ~
    (hand painting portrait, look at my name)

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer, watches 12 -year -old girls need a beautiful children's watch. It is very suitable for going to school or outdoors, especially the Disney theme, which is good -looking and fun. 2. When the toy is 12 years old, when she is still playful, the little girl's favorite toys are also suitable for sending her daughter as a birthday gift. Little girls generally like plush toys. They can buy dolls and teddy bears. In addition, children now like to play roller skating. They can send a pair of daughters. During the weekend, take the daughter to go out to practice roller skating. 3. The daughter of a small life of life can also help her pick some small gifts that will be used in daily life. It should be noted that it is best to choose fun and fun design styles on a practical basis. After all At the stage of curiosity, simply practical gifts may not have too much attractiveness to them, such as Avatar Mushroom Lights, and a happy hut to save money cans. 4. Princess bags are more beautiful. They have good -looking princess bags, which are very suitable for the back of the little girl. In addition, the better -looking schoolbags are also suitable. They are very eager for these. 5. Reading of classical masterpieces can not only be born and cultivate, cultivate literacy sentiment, but also can increase insights and enrich their experience. The editor thinks that it is also good to send girls classical books on the day of adult gifts. It is recommended to Lu Yao's "Ordinary World" here. This is a group of ordinary and magnificent pictures that describe a group of ordinary people in the changes of the times, about poverty, suffering, affection, friendship, etc. Readers will benefit a lot and feel a lifetime

  4. Here are some suggestions for you, I hope to help you:
    1, the children at this time are better to take care of. A book, a set of stationery, a football, etc., he will be very happy
    2, can also customize some small items, such as the necklaces, bracelets engraved with her name. This gift is more memorable and creative. But it should be noted that time and such customized gifts are made in the production period. Don't miss time
    The gift customized gifts if you want creativity!
    3, for some hobbies, see if you can buy him a simple camera and girls, you will also like car molds. These gifts are good choices! The price should also be in your budget
    4, if you know what your child likes, or the number of shoes, you can buy clothes or shoes for her
    Intersection What kind of effect I want this gift and so on. The above is a suggestion for you, I hope to help you! : :)

  5. 1. Plush toys are their intimate partners

    It's 12th birthday in our hometown, because 12 years old is a very memorable age in life. Of course , Such a big girl plush toy is their favorite, recommend some plush toys as gifts to you.

    2, a variety of princess bags

    mart girls are more beautiful, there are very good princess bags, which is very suitable for the back of the little girl. The schoolbags are equally suitable, and they are very eager for these.

    3, girl watches are exquisite and practical

    12 -year -old girls need a beautiful children's watch, whether they are going to school or outdoors, especially the Disney theme, especially Good -looking and fun.

    4, children's toys are also indispensable

    children of this age group are very playful, and girls are no exception. A toy can definitely evoke their interest, but You should choose some gifts that are more girls, such as DIY huts, girls' skates, Barbie dolls, and so on.