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  1. Gold 750 refers to 18K gold. 18K is 75% of pure gold. The rest are other materials such as silver or copper. The gold content, the metal "gold" of the gold jewelry and gold products, is represented by K. Each K (English Carat, German Karat's abbreviation, often write "K") gold content is 4.166%. It is often extended to describe the inherent quality of something.
    The expansion information: One of the characteristics of gold is soft, so it is difficult to inlay various exquisite styles, especially when it is inlaid with treasures such as pearls, gems and emeralds. Therefore, people add a small amount of silver, copper, zinc and other metals to gold to increase the strength and toughness of gold. The gold jewelry made, also known as K gold.
    k gold can be prepared into various colors as needed. There are various colors of K gold jewelry popular in the world. People are common in yellow and white. Mixing 25%of 入 or nickel in gold will become white, which is the main ingredient of it is gold. This name is called white K gold.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Gold content

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswering alloy 750 is a alloy containing 75%gold and 25%of other metals. 1. Alloy is a substance with metallic characteristics with two or more chemical substances. 2, 750 gold is also known as 18K gold, marked as AU750.3 and 750 gold high hardness, rich styles, and diverse colors.nHello dear, after the careful search and organizational results of Wei Wei, the content is as followsnQuestions about the platinum 750 Platinum Diamond I bought beforenThe answers are all alloys, dearnMore 2nBleak

  3. Zhou Dasheng Gold 750 is K gold, 750 is marked with 75%of the gold content, which is 18K gold. The most common "18K
    gold" in the domestic market, its gold content is 18 × 4.1666 = 75%, and the imprint on the accessories should be "18K" or "AU750"/"G750".
    k gold's "K" is the writing of the term "karat" of the foreign language. Indicates a symbol of goldenness (that is, gold content). K gold (or opening gold) is a alloy made of gold and other metals. The characteristic of K gold jewelry is that the amount of gold is small, the cost is low, and it can be made into various colors, and it improves hardness and is not easy to deform and wear. K gold is divided into 24K gold, 22K gold, 18K gold, 9K gold, etc.