4 thoughts on “Why is there a difference in the price of buying gold jewelry and gold bars?”

  1. Gold not only has physical gold, but also futures gold. The price of futures gold is based on international gold price plus handling fees. In addition to the cost of design, store operating costs, and merchant profits, gold jewelry will have higher prices. Just.
    The friends to buy gold are mainly gold jewelry. After all, they still need to be worn. As for the investment of gold, the gold is more frequent, especially the futures gold changes with the international gold price. The price is transparent and unified and unified. Only convenient transactions.
    . Because gold jewelry has both the function of preserving and decoration, many people are more willing to buy jewelry, and there will be prices in the market. Then many merchants are pushing the priced jewelry, and even the ancient gold gold are all gold. It is a high -quality jewelry. These prices add high work expenses on the basis of international gold prices, so the price of gold jewelry is much higher than gold.
    . Gold jewelry is sold by jewelry merchants. The purpose of selling gold jewelry is to earn more profits, so it will continue to increase the cost of research and development and design, in order to increase the beauty of gold jewelry Let everyone like it with the times. Only when everyone likes to buy gold jewelry, then there will be profitable profits, so gold jewelry is normal than gold.
    . The processing process of gold bars is simpler, so the price is lower than jewelry. The processing process of jewelry is very complicated than the gold bar. The complex processing process of machines and artificial machines is completed. The production cost of gold bars is low, and the price will naturally be much lower than that of jewelry.
    . Gold as a jewelry can only have high industrial consumption prices. If it is only used as ordinary gold, there is no value of work consumption. The price of gold, if the old replacement is replaced in the future, and the priced gold jewelry is actually very light. Most of the prices you buy are in craftsmanship, which will make you feel uncomfortable.
    . The difference between gold jewelry is the innovation of styles and craftsmanship. Only craftsmanship can make ordinary gold become the jewelry that everyone likes and is willing to wear it. Innovation, launch more more fashionable styles, so as to increase consumer purchasing power, so the price of gold jewelry can be far ahead of the price of gold itself.
    The relationship between gold and gold jewelry is actually the relationship between cloth and clothes. The same fabric is different as ordinary clothing and high -end clothing. When you start with the brand, the price of fashion will be higher.
    In short, the high price of gold can sell for the dominant position, because the styles are fashionable and beautiful, and there will be no artificial money to pay for it. For desire, people's aesthetic vision has also continuously improved. Both gold jewelry and other jewelry are innovating, becoming more and more fashionable and delicate, so the price of gold jewelry will be more magnified and higher.