1 thought on “What is the introduction of four -claw inlaid diamond ring?”

  1. This four -claw represents all the year and four seasons. Everyone knows that it is divided into four seasons a year. Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the four claws mean that the four seasons alternate, representing the love for each other will never change.
    The diamond ring of four -claw inlaid is one of the most classic styles. Generally, the diamond inlaid method is mainly divided into four -claw and six claws. The less the claws on the diamond, the more Diamonds, so the diamond ring inlaid with four claws is very diamond. Many women give priority to choosing a four -claw diamond ring when choosing a diamond ring.
    In the precautions for buying a four -claw inlaid diamond ring
    When the claw diamond ring is selected, be sure to look at the effect naturally, because the light in the jewelry shop is very sufficient, so it is very shining anyway, no matter how the diamonds look at, it is very shining. Therefore, it must be noted. It is recommended to reduce some light sources when trying to wear, and it is easier to see the real quality of the diamond.
    It also has the phenomenon of diamond falling due to the unqualified claw set design, so when it is obtained, try to see whether the diamond is inlaid firmly to avoid other problems in the future wearing.