1 thought on “Advantages and benefits of diamond claw setting”

  1. Advantages and benefits of diamond claws:
    1, diamonds with claws inlaid are very good. Because this inlay method will make diamonds the most naked, jewelry dealers choose the best diamonds when choosing diamonds for claw inlaid styles to avoid being able to avoid identification. In addition, if the quality of the small diamond is not good, it will be made up with a strange style. If it is a good diamond, such as a large diamond with 30 points or more, it is a clear claw inlaid.
    2. The style of claw inlaid is very smooth and smooth, and it is not easy to hide dirt, and it is not easy to lose glory. And those complicated inlaid styles may look good when they are new, but after a long time, they will become dim because of dirt. Foreigners are the simplest styles, and there are even no patterns. This is the reason.
    3. The fingerprint of the claw inlaid will basically be comfortable. The comfortable model mentioned here refers to the style of the cross section of the circle. Those complicated styles will affect wearing comfort, and if it is not comfortable, it will also affect work, so it is not suitable for long -term wear.
    4. Claw inlaid is a regular wedding ring, just like a suit, with the atmosphere and commemorative significance.
    5. The claw inlaid style does not need to be worn and it is suitable for any hand type, but the other flower ring styles must be tried to see the effect.
    6. The attractive part of the diamond ring lies in its glory, and the claw inlaid style makes the diamond cut surface exposed to the greatest extent, so the lightness of the diamond ring is also the best.
    7. Claw -inlaid style is a classic style. Other so -called trendy styles may be eliminated soon, and you may be embarrassed to wear at that time.
    8. At present, the international diamond ring is basically claw inlaid and is synchronized with international. Buying a diamond ring is to buy diamonds, so it values ​​the quality of the diamond itself, not the style of the circle.