5 thoughts on “What are the practical gifts of about one hundred yuan”

  1. It depends on what the object you give. If it is a customer, then choose some of the more atmospheric gifts. The price of tobacco and tea must be more than 100. If it is a real estate or a bank hotel, these are generally printed with gifts with their own logo and contact information. For example: the insulation cup, Umbrella. These low costs are more than ten or twenty. Practical and propaganda. And leave a good impression on the guests. Customization of umbrellas can be found in Guangzhou Kaiqiu.
    If it is for the other half, then choose some romantic ones, such as some flowers. The flowers mentioned here are not bundles, which are specially packaged by gift companies. Some are packed in boxes. But this is not practical, but it is given to the lover and cannot be used to be practical. Couples need a little romance to maintain. Or cosmetics, but its price is expensive.
    If you are an elder, you can choose some intimate gifts, and there must be one or two problems with the elderly, then you will prescribe the right medicine. Buy some skin care products, or auxiliary equipment. However, these prices are usually not less than one hundred. But don't buy inferior gifts because of high price. If you do n’t understand, you can buy some external drugs, such as soaking feet, the price is generally not too high. About a hundred yuan.

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  4. In today's society, competition is increasingly fierce and comparable to competitors' capabilities, customers choose cooperative companies, and they may rely on friendship or service experience. Daily customer maintenance is the key to service experience and emotional exchanges. Gifts are an indispensable part of them. Emotional maintenance of daily customers can effectively enhance customer relationships, and daily customer maintenance on the basis of customer gifts can not only effectively carry out customer maintenance and communication, but also spread the corporate image through gifts. Add points. So how can we send gifts? How to purchase affordable gifts in a limited budget? How to achieve good communication with customers through gifts? These are all the knowledge of gift selection. For customers' gifts, companies are often more cautious. The basic situations such as the status, gender, age, and hobbies of customers are reference factors for selected products. In order to vote for their good gifts, they can conform to each other's hearts, and it is easier to win their favor.
    The busy work season, many business people began to worry about all kinds of entertainment. Today, they are on the list for the workers who are distressed. It is recommended to have a gift with both the style of about 100 yuan.
    Lile buckle stainless steel thermal insulation cup
    The inside and outside gear of the insulation cup uses high -level 304 stainless steel, the material is stable, it is not easy to rust. The welding process on the side has no welding seams on the surface, copper plating in the outer wall of the inner orchid, and a more high -end beauty and fashion. The grip is comfortable, the heat preservation is long, so that the temperature is like a shadow, giving people intimate care.
    Ili -gift accompanying tea set
    The accompanying tea set consisting of teapot tea filter tablets tea cup portable storage bag. Large -scale red with high -grade gray, festive and auspiciousness with a sense of freshness, which has the meaning of business red fire. The cup body adopts an integrated design, has an extremely simple way of use, and experiences the taste to make the taste anytime and anywhere. As a gift, the overall set is a gift to meet the daily drinking needs of business people and convey the beautiful blessings and hope of gifts.
    The business practical set
    Customized gifts are one of the display windows of the enterprise image system, and it is also an emotional communication channel for enterprises and customers. Customers understand corporate culture through gifts, experience the enthusiasm and friendliness of the enterprise, deepen each other Trust and goodwill, thereby increasing the possibility of second cooperation. This business practical set, with red as the main color, gathers the insulation cup, notebook, signature pen, and U disk. It is rich in texture and is very practical. It is very practical. Enterprise gifts are sincere.
    It -in -family spinning Mirujia Water Ice Wash
    Mi Ruijia Water Washing Silk Still is made of water -washing silk fiber material. , Show the beautiful style, give people a quiet and peaceful visual experience, cool but not ice, dry and breathable, is a good home. To summer, sending a seasonal daily product can better reflect the care.
    The mountain -shaped humidifier
    The mountain -shaped humidifier combines life and art. The simple and atmospheric mountain knob is used to adjust the light and dark, transparent PC ABS environmentally friendly material semi -transparent PP material. Uniformly spreading, not only to give people a sense of peace and relaxation of mountain mist, but also provide a soothing and peaceful accompanying experience to drive healthy and environmental protection. Send the humidifier that can be used in the four seasons to customers, which not only gives beauty enjoyment, but also gives meticulous care.
    The five -fold umbrella in the rain
    In April, one step closer to summer, appropriate sunscreen configuration should also be arranged. In the face of a lot of exquisite female customers, choose a sunshade Sunscreen umbrellas are not suitable as gift gifts. This 50 % off umbrella is a mini -shaped, with cute style and easy to carry. It uses light -transmitting sunscreen vinyl cloth. The sun protection effect is significant. The intimate gift of time and the scenery can make customers impress the customer.
    The price is reasonable and heart -in -law. Following the basic requirements for gifts for the company to give customers gifts. Although the products of the gift market are constantly being new, they can be sent back to the gift market. Value gifts are difficult to add. Relying on rich supplier resources, the politeness, many years of professional gift service experience, stands from the customer's perspective, provides enterprises with a market -based selection and personalized customization. Employee welfare gifts, customer feedback gifts, and promotional gifts, there are successful cases for reference. Enterprises with needs in this regard are welcome to contact consultation.