5 thoughts on “What are the recommendations for buying a fun gift about one hundred yuan?”

  1. 1. If it is a girl, you can buy a mid -range price of lipstick at about 100 yuan. Like Nature Paradise and Mac, they are very good lipsticks, and girls will definitely like it.
    2. If the other party is a pet, although we can't afford pet dogs or pet cats, we can buy pet dolls! The price is acceptable and practical. It can be decorated or pillow.
    3, of course, buying clothes and hats is also very practical. The hat of about 100 yuan is already a tide brand, and a T -shirt of about 100 yuan can also buy a unique designer brand. It is not easy to hit the shirt.

  2. There are a lot of gift industries in the gift industry in the present gift industry, such as children's toys, dolls, transformers, building blocks, puzzles, etc., buy gifts, you also depend on who you are, according to his interests, you have to follow his interests, you have to follow his interests, you have to follow his interests. Hobbies to give him gifts.
    The not long ago, I had a cousin's birthday. He particularly liked Transformers and puzzles, but his parents did not buy him, saying it was a waste of money. On his birthday, I bought him a Transformers. Secondly, I bought a very beautiful gift box and packed it to him.
    . After he opened it, he saw that it was Transformers, and he was particularly happy.
    So buying gifts also needs to be voted. Although it is a gift of about 100 yuan, it can also have a very good effect.

  3. In this era of high prices, one hundred yuan really can't buy anything good, but we give gifts not to see how much value, but its meaning. Essence
    The fun and affordable gifts are still a lot. See who you are for. If it is a child, I suggest sending Lego bricks and the like, so that children can develop children's hands -on ability in playing. If you are sending your lover, you can send something more romantic, a card, a pair of cups, and a doll. If the grandparents at home, as long as you go home and look at them, the company's company is the best gift to receive.

  4. It is recommended that you bring a band insulation cup to the hydration instrument. In winter, the weather is often very dry, and the skin is easy to dry. This gift can be replenished in time. If it is summer and the weather is hot, this gift can spray water fog on the face, it should not be too cool. It can also be used as a thermos cup, which is more practical.

  5. If you want to buy a gift of about 100 yuan, then I think you can buy a big puppet of about 1 meter, which is cute and cost -effective, and the other party will like it. You can also buy a lipstick of about 100 yuan, this is very cost -effective