I want to ask, the gold jewelry wants to change the style, how much does it cost

I bought a gold jewelry, I don’t like that model, I want to change it

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  1. The difference is the number of grams. If you are 10 grams, if you replace it with 15 grams, then pay the price of 5 grams at the market price, add a little processing fee.
    Gold jewelry, jewelry made of gold. Gold is a valuable metal and one of the earliest metals discovered and developed by humans. It is an important raw material for making jewelry and coins, and an important reserve material for the country. It is not only regarded as a symbol of beauty and wealth, but also benefits human life with its unique value.
    The gold jewelry can be divided into two categories: pure gold and K gold. The gold content of pure gold jewelry is more than 99%, and it can reach up to 99.99%.
    K gold jewelry is a jewelry made of other metals (such as silver and copper metals) to its golden materials, also known as "opening gold" and "color gold". Due to the number of other metals, different K numbers of K gold jewelry are formed.

  2. If you go to the Golden Store, it depends on whether there is an invoice in the store. If not, it will charge 10 yuan by one gram of manual fee, and then deduct 6%of the loss. If you have an invoice, it will be cheaper. I just changed one, 34.366g of the new jewelry, 30.012G of the old jewelry, and the Zhejiang Ming brand jewelry. The processing fee per gram is more expensive for 20 yuan, 30.012*20 = 600.24 yuan, 6%of the fascinating losses of the old cities, the remaining losses for the remaining remaining. Next 28.211g, add gold money 398*(34.366-28.211) = 2449.69 yuan, a total of more than 3,000 yuan, and the old 30G jewelry was replaced with a new 34G jewelry.

  3. See how many grams the difference between the two models, and then make up the difference. The premise is in the same gold shop. For example, it is now Zhou X Fu Jewelery. If you go to Zhou X's jewelry, you will only pay the difference. If you have different gold shops, it seems to pay 10 yuan per gram or 15 yuan