If the jewelry bought by Tesiro, if you want to change the money, do you have to pay separately? How to pay if you pay?

2 thoughts on “If the jewelry bought by Tesiro, if you want to change the money, do you have to pay separately? How to pay if you pay?”

  1. I only bought Tesiro psychic jewelry, so I only knew the situation of psychic changes. The change fee for the change is: gold loss fee processing fee extra gold money
    gold loss fee: prepare for the change of the gold weight of the accessories bracket × 15%× the gold price
    processing fee: The processing fee corresponding to the new jewelry category after the payment (I changed the drill pendant last time, and the processing fee was 200 yuan)
    Gold material fee: the extra heavy weight after the payment was changed It is lighter than you, and the psychic will give you the deduction form after the gold price of this part of the light × the gold price of the day. It can be used to deduct the amount of diamonds and emeralds in the future)
    I am a loyal customer, and I am quite familiar with their terms, and I have changed it a few times. The ring has been worn for a few years and changed a new style. It feels really good. There are quite a lot of psychic after -sales service. If you do not change the model, the diamond can also be directly replaced with the new diamond jewelry on the large counter.

  2. Changing the circle will not affect the quality, but whether you can change the circle depends on your diamond ring. I bought several rings in Tongling, and a luxury model inlaid with many diamonds could not be changed. Later, I changed from my left hand to the right hand to get it. There are also two of the other circles that I have changed it three times (one time it expanded, and later changed it back. Oh, my husband said that my fingers were the same as puffs, shrinking too fast). And it is free. Tongling salesperson said that the diamond ring purchased in Tongling, except for the special models that cannot be changed, the weight difference of the jewelry gold before and after the renovation circle is free of charge, and the scaling range is within ± 2. I remember that every time I changed the circle, Tongling Store helped me perform ultrasonic cleaning and polishing. After the ring I worked was changed, I was the same as the new ones. I like to praise Tongling!