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    Tell me, do you like this world? Whether it is humans or animals, he thinks that he has wisdom, and he is blinded by his desire. Peace is just a fake decoration. Sooner or later, it will be broken by stronger power! That will be a eternal war! A group of new soldiers will reorganize the battlefield and become the protagonist under the new order ... content summary
    Main characters (pictures of people)
    Settings introduction (proprietary term)
    The background of the story
    the gray Modern history
    Humans reproduce the interest on the rich land of the south of the "River of Life" After thousands of years, a unified kingdom was finally formed. Alternatives of the four dynasties, the human kingdom at the top of the steam civilization is extremely powerful: due to the invention of "high -combustible coal spar", the biological brain, robot, steam firearms, steam vehicles, and even steam assistance are heavy. The armor appeared one after another. The limited territory can no longer meet human desires, the exhaustion of resources has become a constraint of further development, and the vast land in the north naturally becomes a direction of expansion.
    However, the northern animals do not know when they have eaten the "wisdom fruit", born wisdom, and claim to be "spirit". In the report, the human expedition that adventure penetrated into the northern land mentioned: "10,000 miles, one billion spirit." In the eyes of "Spirit", humans who do n’t even know why the fruit of wisdom is not known at all have the wisdom of “real”, and at most it can only be the “pseudo spirit”. The "Spirit" tribe in the north quickly suppressed human expansion with strong strength, and the war gradually entered a state of stalemate, and the continuous conflict almost penetrated the history of both sides.
    GD 0113, the cruel "Battle of the Red River" is dragging the mainland into another millennium war. Suddenly the mysterious forces inserted into the battlefield, killing the two sides of the battle forces with desperate power, and "corpse mountains" are not enough to describe the terror of the end of the battlefield. The human legion has to retreat to the south of the "Sigh", and any cross -line operation will attract the ruthless massacre of the mysterious forces. The mainland has entered a weird peace period since then.
    gd on October 15, 0137, a small number of residents' deaths in the small town of the eastern coast of the kingdom of the human king, and black flowers grew black flowers. A few survivors were robbed by a monster composed of blood. Junior Neil and Robotic G escaped from York Town and went to the nearby port city of St. Wentis for help.
    16, a large number of refugees that suddenly appeared were driven away by fear, poured into Shengwendis to take refuge, but they grew up violently after growing black flowers. Within a few hours, the black flowers seemed to spread in the city, the deceased continued to increase, and all the ways to escape were blocked by mysterious power. The teenager Neil was also involved in the horrible vortex, and had to face the cruelty and truth of the world ...
    The protagonist of this game, the survivor of the tragedy of the harvest offering, in order to prevent the tragedy from the tragedy. Stepping on the journey.

    Neil's steam power robot, the survivor of the bumper harvest tragedy, escaped York town with Neil.

    Neill's pro -Mei bamboo horse, unfortunately being sucking life by black Mansha, in order to allow Neil to escape smoothly, block the final vitality blocking Monster attack. Life and death are unknown. Black Mansha:
    black petals, fine stem thorns, unusual beauty, rich aroma seemed magical. In the first words, the town people bloomed with such flowers.
    Coal spar:
    The new high -combustion ore found by humans can be directly used as fuel, but it is too violent to control it. It is almost impossible to be directly used in industrial fuel.
    The black crystal stones are refined by high -combustible ore and cannot be burned directly, but it will quickly heat up after pressurizing.
    It because the energy stored in the unit coal crystal is extremely abundant, a small coal spar continues to maintain high temperature under the control of constant pressure. After the energy of the coal crystal is exhausted, it will become gray -white crystals, which is very convenient to replace.
    black gold coins
    The main currency of the human kingdom in "Gray Body" is "black gold coin", which is uniformly cast by the Kingdom Bank. As a fuel for steam power device. Black gold coins are divided into three types of face value of 1 black gold, 10 black gold and 20 black gold depending on the size and coal crystal content. The official name of this currency is named "black crystal coin", but the people have always called "black gold coins", and even the official has to admit the name. Millennium Battle
    The continuous development of human society, the demand for resources has made humans crazy, and other species are facing the risk of extinction.
    One day, after the emergence of animals with high wisdom and power, the war between humans and animals intensified, and finally the largest war in history broke out. The war lasted for thousands of years, and as a result, one -third of the world's creatures died, and hundreds of species were extinct. Both humans and animals are suffering from vitality.
    The peace treaty
    Faced with such a huge war loss, humans and animals have been unable to support it. The leaders of the two sides signed a peace treaty and delineated the areas that were not invaded. The two sides have been temporarily peaceful.
    Alliance decomposition
    The after -war due to community problems, animal war alliance breakdown. Gao Smart Animals are divided into carnivorous tribes and vegetarian tribes, and the free hunting areas are delineated. Low animals returned to the natural food chain. The peaceful days made the animals gradually forget the pain of war and return to a natural and harmonious life.
    The Honghe Holocaust
    Faced with the sudden human army, the scattered animal tribes have no resistance. Humans forced some animal ethnic groups to the river of life and massacred large -scale slaughter. The blood was red in the river, and the river of life was renamed "Red River" from then on. In the second year, the human army crossed the Red River to continue invading the animal territory.
    The battle of Honghe
    The decisive battle on both sides of the Red River in the winter of the same year. The millennium tragedy is about to repeat it. The mysterious forces that suddenly come to kill the two sides of the battle forces with an overwhelming advantage. Facing the overwhelming strength advantage of the enemy, the human legion had to retreat to the south of the "sighing Yuan". The animals also returned to the depths of the dense forest and built a defense circle. The mainland has entered a weird peace period since then. Media site account type type Bilibili registered author Tencent video authentication V has demon gas certification VIP WeChat enterprise service number