1 thought on “Cute kitten's drawing”

  1. 1. First, everyone draws the cat's round head, and then draws two pointed ears on the top of the head, and draws the eyes, nose and lips on the cat's face. Finally, remember to draw beards! The cat's beard is four flat oval shapes.

    2. Draw the neck circle and Ling Dang on the cat's neck under the head, draw its soft body and limbs, and then draw a tail. Essence The tail is drawn in front of the tail. A cute kitten draws.

    3. Let's paint the color for the kitten. Use dark brown eyes, nose and beard with dark brown, and then use dark brown to the cat's ears, limbs and small tails, and then use pale yellow to paint the color. Simple and beautiful cats are drawn.
    4. Paint the neck on the cat's neck into a coffee color, and finally painted the cat's hair into pale yellow to draw a simple and lovely cat.