How to spice things up

Some women lack passion or even sexual boredom in their relationship, but they are often reluctant to talk about it. So how do you spice it up? Let the best sex dolls under 1,000 tell you.

First, add some freshness to your sex

After a period of sexual physiological passion, sex will start to get boring, then you should think hollow, think of some different patterns to increase interest, such as using the shower, taking a shower, help him gently massage or soap, two people in the body and mind comfortable, it is easier to create a warm and wild sex atmosphere.

1. Change your mindset about sexual intercourse

Some people think that sexual intercourse, as it's called, is usually the penis going in and out of the vagina. In fact, sexual intercourse is not just a simple twitch movement, and twitching is just one of them, there are forward and back movements, up and down movements, rotation movements, compression movements and mixed movements, each with different skills and sensations. Just like L ELO, perfect sex can be achieved in a variety of ways as long as both partners are happy during sex and experience orgasm.

In addition to subtle and complex modes of movement, there are no fewer than 100 variations of postures. Different sexual positions can also make people feel different pleasure. Here's the mini tpe sex doll.

2. Change your sexual position

During sex, most people prefer to use traditional sexual positions. But if you have the courage to try a new sexual position, it usually brings strong stimulation and increases sexual interest. If you use the opposite sex position, you can change the length, depth, shape, position and contact position of the sexual organs, which is conducive to stimulating passion and increasing fun. There is no set movement for postural changes, couples can find a variety of suitable sexual postures in practice, change use.

3. Change your sexual environment

The quality of the environment often determines the quality of life. A constant environment tends to reduce the quality of sex. In order to induce sexual excitement and arousal, you may want to change your sexual environment frequently. Changing the sexual environment, including changes in the bedroom environment and choosing a new environment. For example, take a short trip during a weekend or long vacation, stay overnight in a hotel and find your first love and tryst. Changing the sexual environment can be innovative and tailored to your own conditions and interests.

4. Vary the time of intercourse

The timing of sex varies from person to person. Some people like to have sex before they go to bed, some people like to have sex in the morning, some people like to have sex at night when they wake up. However, having sex at the same time over a long period of time tends to decrease sexual interest. For example, couples who regularly have sex before bed occasionally have sex on weekend mornings. Sufficient time and energy can increase their sexual passion. If the couple tries to have impromptu sex, they can often enjoy unexpected sexual blessings. Another example is lengthening the interval between intercourse. The couple negotiated a truce of three to five days or dozens of days. When the amount of sexual energy in the body accumulates to a certain extent, sexual desire can lead to rare sexual satisfaction for both partners.

5. Change your sexual style

Changing the way you have sex is a need not only for the young, but also for the middle-aged and the elderly. Young people can reinvent the model, and old people can make their own. Giving him A full body massage in bed can also make him sexually aroused, or help him with the imitation of sex products or porn.

In addition, most men enjoy oral sex very much. The so-called oral sex, is to stimulate the opposite sex with the lips, with the mouth at the opposite sex, whether it is licking or sucking. Some people think that sex organs are excretory organs, which are unclean things, and it is difficult to accept oral sex. In fact, as long as you can do a good job of cleaning, rid the mind of prejudice, it is okay to try.

Second, sexual taboo

1. Avoid sex on a full or hungry stomach. After a full stomach, blood flows to the stomach, while the brain and other organs are relatively short of blood supply; On the contrary, when people are hungry, their physical strength decreases and their energy is low. Therefore, when full or hungry, sexual intercourse often fails to achieve sexual satisfaction. Even grudging sexual gratification is bad for your health.

2. It's not for couples when you're tired. Sex requires a certain amount of physical and mental energy. When you are mentally or physically tired, sex often fails to reach climax and achieve mutually satisfying results. In particular, having sex immediately after fatigue can damage health and leave a bad impression on future sex life.

3, genital tract infection and other diseases or serious organic diseases are not suitable for husband and wife life. Men and women suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, should suspend the sex life, timely investigation and treatment, to avoid disease aggravation or repeated attacks; Men with serious organic diseases, such as serious heart disease, tuberculosis infection, should also follow the doctor's advice, suspend sex.

4. Being drunk is not suitable for couples. After drinking, especially a lot of alcohol, can lead to male penile erection is not strong or premature ejaculation, easy to make women disgusted, affect the quality of sex life, hinder the harmony of sex life.

5. When you're in a bad mood, it's not suitable for married life. Forced sex when you are in a bad mood is not only disharmonious, but also makes the unhappy party repulsive; If repeated, it can lead to sexual apathy in women or impotence in men.

6. Feeling full or hungry is not for couples. When you feel full, the gastrointestinal tract is congested and the blood supply to the brain and other organs of the body is relatively inadequate. Therefore, it is not appropriate to have sex after meals. Similarly, when people are hungry, their physical strength decreases and their energy levels are low. At this point, sex is often not easy to achieve satisfactory results.