1 thought on “Is Guojin Gold a regular company?”

  1. Guojin Gold is a regular company. Guojin Gold is definitely a regular enterprise. Guojin Gold is a group company that integrates metal craftsmanship, produced and sold, and has a branch in many places. The city also has its own factory and experimental base.
    The background of Guojin Gold Company
    Since the establishment of Guojin Gold, Guojin Gold has been the executive unit of the China Gold Association, and has established a long -term stable strategic partner with the Forbidden City. Several major national commercial banks and many urban commercial banks cooperate together.
    Guojin is a large company, and cooperates with banks. Many gold collections sold by banks are from Guojin Company. The quality is also better. Gold Group is a large private enterprise. Many netizens said that work at Guojin Gold Company has experienced very good experience, and the treatment of Guojin Gold Corporation is very good.