What does a blow-up doll look like for 50 bucks

This I cooked. He fifty pieces to sell you is indeed an inflatable doll, but the pictures show you is somewhere else stolen real doll pictures, and send you the contents are inferior inflatable dolls, countenance, sending out the strange smell, without introduction of any commodity function, can't pendulum movement, still can leak, looks very terror.


Given that the buyer may be too embarrassed to return the item (the delivery station will unpick it and inspect it even if it's already wrapped when you return it), the seller flees a fortune.

For example, the relatively common 128cm doll experience is also not good. As for the second-hand one, it should not exist. After all, PDD is also a formal platform, and the product should still be guaranteed.

In this era, sex dolls have been eliminated. The feeling that airplane cups can bring to you is much stronger than the feeling that mini sex doll bring to you.

So it is suggested that the subject himself to return the inflatable doll, into the plane cup to experience the feeling of movement with real people. You can try Jiangdong two Joe plane cup, large colloid, two-color channel, strong visual impact.

To experience a strong sting JI feeling, you can try juicing sister aircraft cup, domestic R20, cost-effective.

Of course, you can also do your own research on which glasses are suitable for your needs.​