1 thought on “The content of the forum of China Glasses Forum”

  1. China Glasses Forum is a professional forum for the National Glasses
    With the prosperity of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, glasses have become consumer products that ordinary people are increasingly valued. However, the professional and technology of the glasses industry has developed slowly. The reason is that consumers did not pay enough attention to the professionalism of glasses in the past, and there is no good professional technical exchange learning environment.
    The glasses forum is a national optical industry practitioner, with the purpose of exchanging learning optical, gradual multi -focus glasses, glasses processing and assembly technology, professional information download of the glasses industry, and the application of glasses shop management. In order to improve the overall level of Chinese eye vision and the consumer's eye health, consumers' own contribution!
    sharing the experience skills of optical testing mirror, the communication technique of gradual multi -focus glasses, and the management experience exchanges of the manager of the glasses shop.