3 thoughts on “How to activate the atmosphere of the work group”

  1. The excitement of the group still depends on the atmosphere. 1. First of all, can your group have enough people, can a few people say that it is hot? 2. These are the best hobbies in total. Look at those CS groups (examples). One person talks about a certain aspect of CS, and it will set off everyone's interest, and the anger will suddenly get better. 3. There are a few lively people in the group who are very lively and very atmospheric, because no matter men and women, they generally do not suddenly talk to themselves and need a few lively monkeys. 4. To ensure that many people are online at the same time. 5. Someone said, "Don't be noisy," you don't have to think about it, and immediately fly him out at the speed of light. 6. There are also a few naughty women in the group. They quarreled and endless. Others also joined it (not really quarreling), and slowly turned fire.

    In want to activate the group, then you must think about it. I am also a group owner, and I have also made a lot of effort to the lively group. The following is some of my experiences, I hope to help the landlord. First of all, the owner initiated himself and spoke more. See what kind of nature of your own group, and find a subject. I believe that everyone has not only one group. The landlord can learn from some of the assertions of other groups to attract everyone's interest. Secondly, when the owner finds an administrator, you should find some active elements. These active molecules can be divided into two types: one is active online and the other is active speech. Of course, it is a rare talent that can be both active, but it is also good to find a kind of one. There are not many managers, in the essence. Thirdly, the theme of the group should combine the excitement of members of the group, novel and fashionable. This way, I am not afraid of the group or lively. I hope useful to you.

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  3. If you build a group yourself, but the atmosphere is not very good, and the staff in the group are not very active, what should you do to make the atmosphere in the group more active?

    In step -by -step reading mode
    The operation method

    The group owner wants to activate the atmosphere in the group, and you must take the initiative to say hello to the newcomer and chat with the newcomers so that you can get along better with the people in the group.

    The red envelopes in the group.
    This is the best way to activate the atmosphere. As long as you send a red envelope, someone will bubble immediately, and then you can take this opportunity to communicate with everyone and communicate together. Essence

    The topic depends on the purpose of the group.
    It you have to determine the topic according to the purpose of the group. For example, just to make friends, then you can find some more appropriate life topics to communicate with everyone, so that you can better pull closer.

    Dla people enter the group and expand the group.
    The number of people in the group is too small, so the atmosphere is not active, so it is best to pull more people related to themselves to enter the group, so as to grow the group and make the group more active.

    What kind of group -like people to build.
    What types of groups they built, preferably what type of people come in, so as to have a common topic and more active atmosphere.