5 thoughts on “Shopping on mobile phone, how to find Tmall Little Er?”

  1. Mobile Taobao shopping, Tmall Little Two contact method:
    1. Log in Tmall;
    2. Mouse points to the upper right corner [Website Navigation], click [Help Center];
    3. Click on the right Side [Online Consultation];
    4. Selecting the question category, no category to click [Other questions];
    5. Talk to smart robots. If you cannot solve it, you can click [Artificial Cloud customer service] Apply for manual services.

  2. Tools: ASUS Computer
    Rotation: Taobao
    1. Open the computer to open the official website of Tmall, as shown in the figure below.
    2. Click the website navigation in the upper right corner to select the help center, as shown in the figure below.
    3, enter the account and password to log in to Tmall, as shown in the figure below.
    4, the Tmall service hotline in the lower right corner can be dialed, as shown in the figure below.
    5, you can also enter "transfer artificial" in the Ali Xiaomi input bar at the bottom left, and you can contact Tmall's artificial customer service, as shown in the figure below.

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