Is it possible to open a large KTV in Chengdu Yipin World in the world?

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4 thoughts on “Is it possible to open a large KTV in Chengdu Yipin World in the world?”

  1. It is not from Chengdu. Now the economy is downturn. Entrepreneurship needs to be encouraged. I hope to help you help you.

    KTV is mainly for groups: young people of about 18-35. College students and white -collar workers.

    1, full of energy

    2, likes to communicate, prefer to play

    3, not particularly sensitive to price, as long as you are still in the medium area (you can accept it in the middle area ( The income can be guaranteed)

    4, the market share is very large (nonsense, how can you make money)

    ? If there are colleges and universities, there are walking streets or large shopping malls. It's right.

  2. It has certain feasibility.

    The regional competition radius in the service industry such as KTV is 1 to 2 kilometers. And there is a certain cross.
    therefore meets this condition.

    The groups are mainly young and middle -aged. There are still many young people in the world.

    The young people drive upstream and downstream age groups through young people.

  3. People who like to play, people who like to vent, people who like to stimulate, people who are stunned! There are too many people who are public relations and public relations.