33kg sex doll Xiao Yu - rebellious and unrestrained character, only to get free true love

Bens- Netizen reply

secx doll quality and feel are good, beyond imagination, each joint can move, delivery time control is accurate, confidentiality is good, customer service 100+ points.

Activity punch cost performance is very high!! The HEAD CARVING IS VERY delicate, very high degree of imitation, real inverted model of the lower body position is very accurate, plus standing, sucking and hair grafting, the experience of instant up.

​Overall, relatively satisfied, it is the light of domestic goods.

Sex doll unbox experience is good, there is no problem. At present the head carving is very natural * true, similar to wax museum, open the phone beauty different filters different flavors! The soft body is also comfortable to knead, and the shower gel smells good after washing.

The figure is very positive, very charming, especially the chest is very soft, like the real, hold up special feeling, limbs can also be put into a variety of poses, not greasy no smell, the object is more beautiful than the picture, the chest is full and soft and comfortable, it feels very real.

The face is not detailed portrayal is very good, especially the lower part, the detail workmanship is close to perfect.


It's very tactile.

This price of this work is really ok!

Rose- netizen reply

The Asian sex dolls are ridiculously big (laughs) real human bodies! So it's impossible to hide and not be seen... Recommended for people living alone! Still HAVE, THIS IS REAL PERSON PROPORTION, CAN NOT TAKE THE SET WHEN USING!! Build muscle when you lift, build muscle according to how you use it, build muscle when you wash... No problem with real exercise equipment! The overall look is great, and the gameplay is simple, the kind of thing you just get and know how to play.

And can adjust the function of posture is also very good, even if it is a difficult movement that can follow one's inclinations.

Part of the pose will make the entrance bigger, so it's not as tight! Use it to understand!! It has two holes! The two holes give people a different experience. I prefer the back one, not only the experience of the channel, but also when playing up and down the hand.

Maintenance is also very difficult (cry) maintenance aspect to ★★★ ★, but the use of comfort ★MAX, I think it is worth buying.

Sorry to have endured so long.

​Finally, I found a suitable game for my little brother.​

​lie - netizen reply

Before buying all kinds of worries, the body is very beautiful, very beautiful little beauty, skin tender received and seeing is relatively consistent. I have tangled for half a month to choose to buy an experience in his home after I can only say that his family sex doll is very good.

The price of an individual can also accept, save up.

In the baby group every day is to see the big guys basking in the baby, the heart already itches.

I've been paying attention to it for a while, and it felt good, so I just went straight for it, and it was wrapped up, and it was beautiful.

The doll is tactile and realistic, and can be easily posed in any position. It has a good body proportion and looks even better in clothes, especially those that are partially visible.

Packing is concealed completely so as not to come out, cost performance is good. The price should get better. The most worthy of mention is almost no smell touch. This material feels very comfortable. Back home in the evening I will give her a bath. The weight also can also be accepted. Even to use those particles can feel the bumps, very to force.