​The shower room uses base and file water, which is good?

​The shower base has already become one of the most common bathroom products in contemporary household decoration.

With its small footprint, wet and dry separation, decorative strength and other characteristics, favored by consumers.

When buying shower room products, the most important thing is the quality of toughened glass and aluminum profiles, because shower bases are often overlooked.

​Now there are a lot of shower room products on the market, some with base, some with no base.

So, when we choose a shower base, which one should we choose? In fact, the shower room with and without the base will not affect its normal use.


Whether you need a shower room with the base, you also need according to your own preferences and the actual installation condition to decide.

Some people think that the shower room does not need to be equipped with a base actually, because the water of the shower room base cannot overlap with the water of the toilet, and the base is generally connected with a hose, so it easy to produce unnecessary problems, especially after the hose is used for a long time, there is damage and so on.

Shower hoses and pipes are not sealed or sealed at all, causing moisture and dirt to return to the bottom of the seats; ​the joints between the base and the floor and walls are not well sealed, and water vapor and dirt can enter, which is very terrible, and the base is difficult to clean unless it is reassembled.

For a few families, for the sake of the whole wei yu beautiful degrees, it is necessary to choose the bottom of the shower room.

Of course, this requires people to strengthen the shower room and shower house section cleaning.