​Boyfriend's knee was injured, was sending boyfriend knee guard useful?

1, when wearing knee pads is also a misunderstanding

Some people wear knee pads when they exercise, and it's better not to wear them.

Only the injured need to wear them. We ordinary people don't wear them if we can.

The reason is simple. According to a new study published in the journal CELL, the environment has a much bigger impact on health than genetics.

In other words, if we want to grow up healthily in this society, we must adapt to the environment, not rely on heredity alone.

Going back to the exercise thing, you have to get your knees used to the impact of the outside world in order for your knees to be strong and good.

When you go out there and strap on your knee, you know, it won't heal.


Without the process of adaptation, you will never improve.

2. Protect your knees:

How to protect the knee joint and prevent the knee joint injury in the life of muscle without protective equipment? One is to control the amount of exercise and rest if you feel pain in your knee.

And, very importantly, what do we do if we don't injure the knee? Not with a brace, but with muscle.

Work on muscle strength, reactivity, sensitivity, and so on.

Of course, we should also learn to pay attention to rest, practice too much is not good.

In addition, knees are more likely to be injured in cold winter, so in winter and spring, you should also pay attention to keeping your knees warm.

3. How to avoid knee injury in adversarial sports?

For ordinary people, exercise must be within their ability.

You don't think this ball can reach you. Why are you reaching it? You insist on enough, that can only damage.

Like in those confrontational sports, the guy is obviously much fatter than you, so if you have to bump into him, he'll just knock you off your feet.

How do most of the injuries occur? 4. If you do what you can, you will rarely get injured.

In terms of hardware, it is recommended to choose professional sports venues and sports equipment as much as possible.

Shoes are very important, which sport, try to use professional shoes. This will reduce the risk of injury.

In terms of skills, try to follow standard, professional movements to train to reduce sports injuries.

In addition, it is good to do some warm-up exercises before exercise and some stretching and relaxation after exercise.

In some ball games, try to avoid twisting, especially improper twisting.