Why did you just finish hair regret?​

Why did you just pick the hair to regret?​????

There is a little sister who has long short hair and wants to change the style, some because they have too little hair and want to increase the amount of hair, some because they did not choose Tony when cutting hair!

Whatever the reason, stick to it.

Hair... First of all, we need to know about the hair extension shop.​


1- Professional hair extensions, general stores... How can you tell the difference between these two stores?

① Professional hair extension shop, only hair extension, hair dyeing [because the hair needs to be dyed] technology is more professional, mature, and at a reasonable price

② Comprehensive store, do everything, mainly do washing, cutting, blowing, dyeing, hair extensions, just do it with, most of the technology is not mature... The price is on the high side...

2- Types of hair extensions: here to recommend several more practical, ① want to be comfortable, invisible choose [feather hair extensions]

② The student party can choose [ultrasonic hair extension] cost-effective.

3. Choose [traceless patch hair extension] for super short hair

Recommended the above three kinds! More practical in life, and no harm to their own hair, hair extension manufacturer can also buy hair extensions.

3- Be sure to communicate well with the person in charge, tell him your thoughts, concerns, questions... In the process of hair extension, any operation details can determine the comfort of the hair, and the natural cohesion effect. Sometimes the choice is really important!