Which is better: a secret airplane cup or a sex doll?

Let's start with the conclusion:

Life size sex doll merchandise renderings are great, but 9 out of 10 regret buying them and 1 goes crazy.

Why is this the case:

1. The effect of drawing is too deceptive.​

2, buy sex doll material is too low, color difference, feel like the balloons sold in the park, can you imagine, so painful.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to use the airplane cup. The airplane cup has evolved for more than 10 generations (Japan), the channel technology has been simulated very well, and the materials are very conscious.


Within 100-300 aircraft cup main pair or see hart and Tenga this two brands (suggestion to have a look at the comments, very fascinating, various share notes, pictures, and even movies mash seeds, worth a look), these two brands are mainly in the online flagship cost-effective, and channel the industry's top technology has been done, the two Japanese brand, has a long history, Feelings and support, compared with other brands, more worth buying.

Mr. Hart: The biggest feature of this aircraft cup is that it gives users a more comfortable experience on the basis of safety. It uses constant temperature technology, giving DD the most appropriate temperature, human Xin design will not let the user simply release themselves, and can feel the thing under the body is alive. The texture is extremely soft silicone, such as delicate girlish skin. When the two touch the moment, the spiritual state will open a different fantasy. This airplane cup comes with its own lubricant, so you don't have to think about reprocessing when you are in high tide. And the appearance of petite, do not worry about its petite can not meet the needs of users. In fact, it has the effect of stretching inside, will completely make DD wrapped in it, enjoy a pleasant night. It is convenient for users to use, USB interface, ordinary mobile phone charging can make it full power, users can charge it an hour before use. This airplane cup has a reputation among the best in the industry and has brought untold joy to many people.

Tenga: This is an airplane cup featuring intelligent technology. In the design of this product, a variety of high technologies are used, which can bring better feelings to users. This aircraft cup has a tactile stretching technology, which means that when the user uses this aircraft cup, it will change according to the speed of the user's movement, and the sense of reality will be more intense. The industrial appearance design makes it more hidden. Single men who live in collective dormitories can also rest assured that they will never be found. The surface of the airplane cup is slightly frosted and feels very good. Getting rid of the traditional mode of aircraft cup, it is not only a single use effect, with a variety of functional modes, users can choose according to their own needs, so that they can better meet their needs. Good use experience, use mode is many, use method is very simple. Even novice, just start to touch airplane Cup, can also rest assured to choose this product, it can let the novice find happiness.

NetEase Spring Breeze Cup: This airplane cup is characterized by high authenticity. The entrance of this airplane cup is very beautiful. At first glance, the winding path leads to a quiet place, and the realistic shape design will arouse your desire visually. The shell adopts a pearl white tone, which tends to be frosted to feel, and feels very comfortable when held tightly. The liner of this aircraft cup is made of silicone material, which is soft and smooth. Lifelike sucking design, tight texture undulating feeling, not only comfortable, but also have lifelike clamping feeling. Multiple sensing modes, so that every use will be different. The cup holder can also rotate 180 degrees to unlock a variety of poses, as if you are the hero, you can choose a variety of scenes, a variety of angles, make your experience more depressing. Five countries' beauty selection, intelligent voice interaction, let your pleasure go to a new level. Automatic heating constant temperature system, using metal material heating, temperature control, is closer to the human body cavity temperature. Smart USB charging, portable, simple and fast, magnetic charging port, not afraid of bumps.